100 Slang Words And Phrases – 2022

100 Slang Words And Phrases – 2022

What is slang?

A type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people.

When do you use slang?

Slang is very informal language. It can offend people if it is used about other people or outside a group of people who know each other well. We usually use slang in speaking rather than writing. Slang normally refers to particular words and meanings but can include longer expressions and idioms.

There are lots of slang words that you should learn when you live in Australia / Canada / United States.

100 Slang Words & Phrases

Slang word – A Cold One
Meaning: Beer

Slang word – Arvo
Meaning: Afternoon

Slang word – Aussie Salute
Meaning: Wave to scare the flies

Slang word – Avo
Meaning: Avocado

Slang word – Bail
Meaning: To cancel plans

Slang word – Barbie
Meaning: Barbecue

Slang word – Bathers
Meaning: Swimsuit

Slang word – Beauty
Meaning: Great!

Slang word – Billabong
Meaning: A pond in a dry riverbed

Slang word – Billy
Meaning: Teapot (in the outback on the fire)

Slang word – Bloody
Meaning: Very

Slang word – Bloody oath
Meaning: Yes! Or “That’s very true”

Slang word – Bludger
Meaning: Someone who’s lazy

Slang word – Bogan
Meaning: Someone who’s not very sophisticated

Slang word – Booze Bus
Meaning: Police vehicle used to catch drunk drivers

Slang word – Bottle-O
Meaning: Liquor shop: a place to buy alcohol

Slang word – Brekky
Meaning: Breakfast

Slang word – Brolly
Meaning: Umbrella

Slang word – Budgie Smugglers
Meaning: Speedos

Slang word – Bush
Meaning: “Out in the bush” or away from civilisation

Slang word – Choc A Bloc
Meaning: Full

Slang word – Biccy
Meaning: Biscuit

Slang word – Chook
Meaning: Chicken

Slang word – Chrissie
Meaning: Christmas

Slang word – Cobber
Meaning: Very good friend

Slang word – Coldie
Meaning: Beer

Slang word – Coppers
Meaning: Policemen

Slang word – Crikey
Meaning: an expression of surprise

Slang word – Crook
Meaning: Being ill (I’m crook); a criminal (he’s a crook)

Slang word – Dag
Meaning: Someone who’s a bit of a nerd or geek

Slang word – Daks
Meaning: Trousers

Slang word – Deadset
Meaning: That’s true, or true!

Slang word – Defo
Meaning: Definitely

Slang word – Devo
Meaning: Devastated

Slang word – Drongo
Meaning: a Fool, ‘Don’t be a drongo mate’

Slang word – Dunny
Meaning: Toilet

Slang word – Durry
Meaning: Cigarette

Slang word – Esky
Meaning: An insulated container that keeps things cold

Slang word – Facey
Meaning: Facebook

Slang word – Fair Dinkum
Meaning: Honestly? Or, Yes honestly!

Slang word – Flannie / Flanno
Meaning: flannelette shirt

Slang word – Flat out
Meaning: Really busy

Slang word – Footy
Meaning: Football (AFL / Aussie Rules)

Slang word – G’day
Meaning: Hello

Slang word – Galah
Meaning: Not being bright, also a stupid person

Slang word – Gnarly
Meaning: Awesome

Slang word – Going off
Meaning: Busy, lots of people

Slang word – Good On Ya
Meaning: Good work

Slang word – Goon
Meaning: Wine in a box

Slang word – Hard yakka
Meaning: Hard work

Slang word – Heaps
Meaning: Loads, lots, many

Slang word – Hoon
Meaning: Hooligan or a very bad driver

Slang word – Iffy
Meaning: Bit risky or unreasonable

Slang word – Knickers
Meaning: Female underwear

Slang word – Lappy
Meaning: Laptop

Slang word – Larrikin
Meaning: Someone who’s always up for a laugh

Slang word – Lollies
Meaning: Sweets

Slang word – Maccas
Meaning: McDonalds

Slang word – Manchester
Meaning: Sheets / Linen etc

Slang word – Mate
Meaning: Friend

Slang word – Mozzie
Meaning: Mosquito

Slang word – No Drama
Meaning: No problem / it’s ok

Slang word – No Worries
Meaning: No problem / it’s ok

Slang word – No Wucka’s
Meaning: A truly Aussie way to say ‘no worries’

Slang word – Outback
Meaning: The interior of Australia. Even more remote than “the bush”

Slang word – Pash
Meaning: To kiss

Slang word – Pissed Off
Meaning: An offensive/vulgar way of saying you are very annoyed

Slang word – Piss Up
Meaning: A party, a get together and in Australia

Slang word – Pissed
Meaning: Intoxicated, Drunk

Slang word – Piss Off
Meaning: An offensive way to tell someone to go away or get lost.

Slang word – Rack Off
Meaning: The less offensive way to tell someone to go away or get lost.

Slang word – Reckon
Meaning: For sure

Slang word – Rellie / Rello
Meaning: Relatives

Slang word – Ripper
Meaning: ‘You little ripper’ = That’s fantastic!

Slang word – Rooted
Meaning: Tired or Broken

Slang word – Runners
Meaning: Trainers, Sneakers

Slang word – Sanger
Meaning: Sandwich

Slang word – Servo
Meaning: Service Station / Garage

Slang word – Sheila
Meaning: A woman

Slang word – Sick
Meaning: Awesome; ‘that’s really sick mate’

Slang word – Sickie
Meaning: A sick day off work

Slang word – Slab
Meaning: A carton of beers

Slang word – Snag
Meaning: Sausage

Slang word – Stoked
Meaning: Happy, Pleased

Slang word – Straya
Meaning: Australia

Slang word – Stubby
Meaning: A bottle of beer

Slang word – Stuffed
Meaning: Tired

Slang word – Sunnies
Meaning: Sunglasses

Slang word – Swag
Meaning: Single bed you can roll up, a bit like a sleeping bag

Slang word – Tea
Meaning: Dinner

Slang word – Tinny
Meaning: Can of beer or small boat

Slang word – Thongs
Meaning: Flip Flops

Slang word – True Blue
Meaning: Genuinely Australian

Slang word – Tucker
Meaning: Food

Slang word – Two Up
Meaning: A gambling game played on Anzac day

Slang word – U-IE
Meaning: To take a U-Turn when driving

Slang word – Up yourself
Meaning: Stuck up

Slang word – Woop Woop
Meaning: Middle of nowhere “he lives out woop woop”

Slang word – Ya
Meaning: You

Slang word – Yous
Meaning: Plural of you

100 Slang Words And Phrases – 2022

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