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50 Popular Canadian Slang Words

50 Popular Canadian Slang Words

What is Canadian Slang?

Canadian slang words are a unique set of expressions and phrases that are commonly used across the country, particularly in informal settings. The use of slang varies across regions in Canada and can differ significantly from the more formal and proper English commonly spoken in professional and academic settings. Understanding Canadian slang words can be an important part of adapting to Canadian culture and connecting with locals.

The Importance of Learning Canadian Slang Words

Learning Canadian slang words is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it helps you to understand and communicate with Canadians in their own language. Canadians are proud of their unique culture and language, and using Canadian slang words shows that you respect and appreciate their way of life.Secondly, Canadian slang words can be used to enhance your understanding of Canadian media and entertainment. From popular TV shows to Canadian music, slang words are often used to convey humor and cultural references that you may miss if you are not familiar with the local language.

Finally, learning Canadian slang words can help you to integrate into Canadian society, especially if you are an immigrant or newcomer. Using local slang words shows that you are making an effort to fit in and adapt to the Canadian way of life.

Overall, learning Canadian slang words is a fun and useful way to improve your language skills and connect with Canadians on a deeper level.

Here are 50 popular Canadian slang words List:

Loonie – A Canadian one-dollar coin.

Toonie – A Canadian two-dollar coin.

Double-double – A coffee with two creams and two sugars.

Timmies – Refers to the popular Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons.

Mickey – A small bottle of alcohol.

Canuck – A slang term for a Canadian.

Chesterfield – A sofa or couch.

Poutine – A Canadian dish consisting of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

Homo milk – Homogenized milk.

Pop – Soft drink.

KD – Kraft Dinner, a popular brand of mac and cheese.

Toque – A knitted hat.

Chinook – A warm wind that blows through the Rocky Mountains.

Parkade – A multi-level parking garage.

Chesterdraws – A set of drawers.

Runners – Sneakers or running shoes.

Hoser – A slang term for someone who is foolish or incompetent.

Mountie – A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Tuque – A knitted hat.

Smarties – A popular Canadian candy.

Bunnyhug – A hoodie or sweatshirt.

Molson muscle – A beer belly.

Hydro – Refers to hydroelectricity or electricity bills.

Mickey – A small bottle of alcohol.

The 6ix – A nickname for Toronto.

The Peg – A nickname for Winnipeg.

The Hat – A nickname for Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Eavestrough – A gutter system on a roof.

Homo milk – Homogenized milk.

Dart – A cigarette.

Keener – Someone who is overly eager or enthusiastic.

Runners – Sneakers or running shoes.

Ginch – Underwear.

Stag – A bachelor party.

Mickey – A small bottle of alcohol.

Double-double – A coffee with two creams and two sugars.

Homo milk – Homogenized milk.

The Rock – A nickname for Newfoundland.

The 6ix – A nickname for Toronto.

Two-four – A case of 24 beers.

Muskoka chair – A type of outdoor chair.

Garburator – A garbage disposal unit.

Hogtown – A nickname for Toronto.

Loon – The bird featured on the Canadian one-dollar coin.

The Hammer – A nickname for Hamilton, Ontario.

Shinny – A type of pick-up ice hockey game.

Washroom – A bathroom.

Back bacon – A type of Canadian bacon.

Mickeys – Small bottles of alcohol.

Tuk – A knitted hat.


In conclusion, Canadian slang words are a unique and entertaining aspect of Canadian culture. From the East Coast to the West Coast, Canadians have developed a colorful vocabulary that reflects their diverse history and regional differences. While some Canadian slang may be confusing for outsiders, it adds character and charm to everyday conversations and interactions. Whether you’re a Canadian looking to brush up on your slang or an international visitor looking to immerse yourself in Canadian culture, learning these popular Canadian slang words is sure to add some fun and humor to your conversations.

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