A comprehensive list of two-letter words

2 letters words are only made of 2 letters and are most commonly used as either conjunctions or pronouns. Having a knowledge of all of the two-letter words will greatly improve your Scrabble gameplay, either when you need to build off an existing tile to form a new word, or at the end of the game when you have two or three tiles left and need to dump them off as quickly as possible.

Two-letter words are also very useful when playing a new word parallel to an existing word. There aren’t that many out there but there are plenty to get yourself stuck in with and try to figure out how best to use each one.

Let’s take a look at a list that we’ve compiled of all the 2 letter words that we could find.

A comprehensive list of two-letter words

AA – Rough cindery lava

AB – An abdominal muscle

AD – An advertisement

AG – S. African a general exclamation

AH – An exclamation

AI – The three-toed sloth

AM – the present tense of be

AN – A form of the indefinite article

AS – Used to convey relative extent or degree

AT – Expressing location or time

AW – An exclamation

AX – variant spelling of axe

AY – variant spelling of aye

BA – the soul, in Egyptian mythology

BE – to exist

BI – bisexual

BO – a kind of fig tree

BY – beside

DA – a person’s father

DO – to perform an action

DY – a type of sediment

EE – dialect form of oh

EH – an exclamation

EL – an elevated railway

EM – a measuring unit in printing

EN – a measuring unit in printing

ER – expressing doubt or hesitation

EX – a former spouse or partner

FA – a musical note

GA – a people in Ghana

GI – judo jacket

GO – to move or travel

HA – an exclamation

HE – a male person or animal

HI – a greeting

HO – an exclamation

ID – a part of the mind

IF – introducing a conditional clause

IN – within

IO – a North American moth

IS – the present tense of be

IT – a thing

JA – S. African yes

JO – Scottish, archaic a sweetheart

JU – a kind of Chinese pottery

KA – the spirit, in Egyptian mythology

KI – a plant of the lily family

LA – a musical note

LI – a Chinese unit of distance

LO – archaic used to draw attention to something

MA – a person’s mother

ME – the objective case of the first-person pronoun I

MI – a musical note

MO – a moment

MU – a Greek letter

MY – belonging to me

NE – originally called

NO – not any

NU – a Greek letter

OB – a type of gene

OD – a supposed natural force

OF – belonging to

OG – Australian, archaic a shilling

OH – an exclamation

OI – used to attract attention

OK – used to express assent, agreement, etc.

OM – a sacred mantra

ON – supported by or covering

OP – an operation

OR – used to link alternatives

OS – a bone

OU – a Hawaiian bird

OW – expressing pain

OX – a cow or bull


OZ – Australia(n)

PA – father

PI – A Greek letter

PO – a chamber pot

QI – The life force, in Chinese philosophy

RA – A moraine, in Norway or Sweden

RE – A musical note

RI – A Japanese unit of length

SE – a Chinese musical instrument

SI – = te

SO – therefore

TA – thank you

TE – a musical note

TI – = te

TO – expressing direction in relation to a location

UH – expressing hesitation

UM – expressing hesitation

UP – towards a higher position

US – the objective case of we

WA – a people on the borders of China and Burma

WE – oneself and other people

WU – a dialect of Chinese

XI – a Greek letter

XU – a Vietnamese unit of money

YE – archaic the plural form of thou

YI – a people in parts of China

YO – used as a greeting

YU – an ancient Chinese wine container

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