Collocations With BREAK -

30 English Collocations with BREAK

Break is one of the most common verbs in the English language.


(verb) separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.

Example: “the branch broke with a loud snap”

(verb) interrupt (a sequence, course, or continuous state).

Example: “his concentration was broken by a sound”

30 English Collocations with BREAK

Here are some common collocations using the word break!

1. Break into a run

2. Break a habit

3. Break the bank

4. Break even

5. Break up

6. Break fresh ground

7. Break ground with something

8. Break the ice

9. Break the news

10. Break the spell

11. Break a law

12. Break a bone

13. Break a promise

14. Break a record

15. Break your heart

16. Break loose

17. Break the rules

18. Break a window

19. Break the silence

20. Break in two

21. Break a leg

22. Break free

23. Break your back

24. Break the back of

25. Break your fall

26. Break a code

27. Break one’s fall

28. Break down

29. Break the news to someone

30. Break from tradition

Collocations With BREAK -

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What are some common collocations with “break”?

Some common collocations with “break” include “break a rule,” “break a promise,” “break a habit,” “break the news,” “break a record,” “break the ice,” “break the bank,” “break out in a sweat,” “break even,” and “break into a sweat.”

Can “break” be used as a noun?

Yes, “break” can also be used as a noun. Some common collocations with “break” as a noun include “coffee break,” “lunch break,” “break time,” “breakfast,” “break in the weather,” and “break of dawn.”

How can I improve my knowledge of collocations with “break”?

To improve your knowledge of collocations with “break,” you can read and listen to authentic English materials, such as books, newspapers, and podcasts. You can also practice using collocations in context by writing and speaking English regularly. Finally, using a collocation dictionary or an online collocation tool can also be helpful.

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