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Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

Past perfect continuous tense describes an ongoing action in the past that is completed before another action takes place in the past. The structure of this tense is had + been + main verb + ing.

Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • She had been studying all day.
  • Lily had been working in Google for three years when she lost her job.
  • He had been drinking milk out the carton when Mom walked into the kitchen.
  • We had been playing video games for five hours.
  • Kat wanted to take a rest because she had been driving all day on road.
  • I had been working at the company for five years when I got the promotion.
  • She had been cooking food for two years.
  • He had been eating cereal out of the box when Dad walked into the room.
  • Hiya had been walking three miles a day before she broke her leg.
  • That had been watching movies since morning.
  • The program that was terminated had been working well since 1945.
  • Rahul had been losing weight before he is an accident.
  • I had been working at the restaurant for two years when I got the promotion.
  • I had been shopping with my elder brother in the fair since morning.
  • I had been reading books for five months.
  • We had been enjoying the program thoroughly for three hours.
  • Girls had been singing a song since 3 o’clock.
  • Jimin had been running five miles a day before he twisted his ankle.
  • I had been helping him to do the task before I started the program.
  • He had been helping your parents for five years.
  • Richard had been practicing to sing the song since morning.
  • My father had been leaving in California for months
  • I had not been watching the cricket match on television for two hours.
  • The employee that was terminated had been performing well since the last month.
  • My son had been studying hard during exams.
  • Had you not been enjoying the concert for three hours?
  • She had been not eating medicine for two months.
  • He had been playing football for two hours.
  • They had been playing music non-stop for ten minutes before he finally came out of the room to meet them.
  • The lyricist had been writing realistic songs since the beginning of his career.
  • He had been laughing loud since little age.
  • The poet had been writing romantic poems since morning.
  • You had been waiting there for more than twenty minutes when he finally arrived.
  • Carry had been running a ten-kilometer for a young age.
  • They had been playing hockey on that field for three hours.
  • He had been calling your clients for two years.
  • How long had you been playing to get on the team?
  • She had been dancing for over an hour before Sam arrived.
  • He had not been reading his favorite book.
  • Tom had been traveling around the world since the month of December.
  • The child had been studying since morning.
  • I had been doing a job at a young age.
  • He had been working at that NGO for two years when it got shut down.
  • I had been listening to melodious songs for two hours.
  • She had not been planting for three hours.
  • She had been loving our children since birth.
  • She had been drafting the plan for a meeting for two hours.
  • I had been singing different kinds of songs for an hour.
  • I had been playing my favorite game.
  • I had been leasing a podcast for three weeks.
  • I had not been traveling.
  • You had been shopping in that market before you came home.
  • They had been using an iPhone for two years.
  • They had been working in this office since last year.
  • We had been watching a movie in this Cineplex for three hours.
  • He had been improving your communication skills.
  • We had been shopping in that shop before we came home.
  • The mechanic had not been fixing my bike since morning.
  • Temple had been opening morning for decades.
  • Pulkit had been studying in the library before he came to the class.
  • I had been learning English for two years.
  • Rohit had been gossiping in the coffee shop for two hours.
  • Nipul was very tired. He had been running.
  • I had been writing articles on various topics for three hours.
  • I could smell cigarettes. Somebody had been smoking.
  • He had been reading different kinds of books since morning.
  • Had the pilot been drinking before the crash?
  • They had been playing football in that field before it started to rain.
  • I am angry. I have been waiting for two hours.
  • Hiya was exhausted because she had been dancing.

Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense - wordcoach.co

Examples of Past Perfect Continuous Tense - wordcoach.co

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