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Examples Of Simple Past Tense Sentences

Simple past tense refers to an action that was done in the past. Use this tense to show an event or action that took place at a specific time in the past and now it’s over.

The simple past is a verb tense that is used to show that a completed action took place at a specific time in the past.

The simple past is also frequently used to talk about past habits and generalizations. Read on for detailed descriptions, examples, and simple past exercises.

Simple Past Forms

Pattern: Subject + Past tense form of Verb + Object 

Statement: He was here last year.
Question: Why did you cry?
Negative: You did not call Debbie.

Forming the Simple Past

SubjectVerb To beVerb To haveVerb To do

Examples of Simple Past Tense

  • He was here last year.
  • I saw a movie last week.
  • You had a black pencil.
  • I finished work, walked to the beach and met my friends.
  • I worked in the IT sector.
  • I lived in Italy for five years.
  • The milk used to cost 10 rupees per liter some years ago.
  • I often played football when I was a young man.
  • She smiled at me.
  • I played football yesterday.
  • The fox tried again.
  • He saw his family last week.
  • Why did you cry?
  • I was in France in June.
  • I stopped at your home.
  • I didn’t play football yesterday.
  • They didn’t go to the theater last month.
  • She didn’t arrive on time this morning.
  • Did you play football yesterday?
  • Did they lose the match?
  • Did he clean his home last weekend?
  • I saw a movie yesterday.
  • I didn’t see a play yesterday.
  • Last year, I traveled to Japan.
  • Last year, I didn’t travel to Korea.
  • Did you have dinner last night?
  • She washed her car.
  • He didn’t wash his car.
  • I finished work, walked to the beach, and found a nice place to swim.
  • He arrived from the airport at 8:00, checked into the hotel at 9:00, and met the others at 10:00.
  • Did you add flour, pour in the milk, and then add the eggs?
  • I lived in Brazil for two years.
  • Shauna studied Japanese for five years.
  • They sat at the beach all day.
  • They did not stay at the party the entire time.
  • We talked on the phone for thirty minutes.
  • I studied French when I was a child.
  • He played the violin.
  • He didn’t play the piano.
  • Did you play a musical instrument when you were a kid?
  • She worked at the movie theater after school.
  • They never went to school, they always skipped class.
  • She was shy as a child, but now she is very outgoing.
  • He didn’t like tomatoes before.
  • Did you live in Texas when you were a kid?
  • People paid much more to make cell phone calls in the past.
  • When I paid her one dollar, she answered my question.
  • She answered my question when I paid her one dollar.
  • I paid her one dollar when she answered my question.
  • You just called Debbie.
  • Did you just call Debbie?
  • Tom repaired the car.
  • The car was repaired by Tom.
  • Did she play tennis when she was younger?
  • Did you live abroad?
  • When did you meet your wife?
  • Where did you go for your holidays?
  • Who discovered penicillin?
  • Who wrote Don Quixote?
  • They didn’t go to Spain this year.
  • We didn’t get home until very late last night.
  • I didn’t see you yesterday.
Examples Of Simple Past Tense Sentences - wordcoach.co

Exercises on Simple Past Tense

  1. I _______ to the office Early. (go)
  2. I _______ we will win the match. (know)
  3. Your dad _______ a movie yesterday. (watch)
  4. _______ He clean her bedroom. (do)
  5. I _ a letter to my sister. (write)

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