20 Examples of Verb in Sentences

What are a verb and examples?

A verb is one of the most important parts of speech and is a word that is used to describe an action or an ongoing condition. It is considered the heart of a sentence. There is a main verb and sometimes one or more helping verbs.

Verbs that refer to feelings or states of being, like to love and to be, are known as nonaction verbs.

The verbs that do refer to literal actions are known as action verbs.

Examples: swim, realize, Run, Walk, laugh, have, promise, invite, listen, running, winning, being, etc.

Examples of Verb in Sentences

1. Hiya is going home. She loves her home.

2. Dravid is writing a novel about the wildlife of america.

3. Kohli is playing cricket at the college tournament.

4. He is riding his new bicycle all-day.

5. Leave me alone!

6. She apologized to the teachers.

7. This temple will close after an hour.

8. He is sitting next to you.

9. Don’t try to run before you can walk.

10. That Aeroplane was flying above the clouds.

11. It may rain today.

12. America is a developed nation.

13. It could get very hot in Montana.

14. She is smiling in front of the audience.

15. You are coming right now at the seminar.

16. The police are asking about the incident that happened last night.

17. It might rain today.

18. We are knowing each other.

19. Everyone likes to watch a magic show.

20. We are participating in the cultural program.

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