Idioms about art

Idioms about art

art is long and life is short
Meaning: The phrase art is long and life is short is a proverb that suggests that works of art last much longer than human lives.

be no oil painting
Meaning: If someone is no oil painting, they are not good-looking.

blank canvas
Meaning: The phrase blank canvas refers to something with no content such that it can be easily filled with completely new things.

con artist
Meaning: The phrase con artist refers to a person who makes a living by swindling people.

drama queen
Meaning: The phrase drama queen refers to a person who tends to react to every event or situation in an over-dramatic or exaggerated way.

fine art
Meaning: The phrase fine art refers to something requiring highly developed techniques and skills.

flimflam artist
Meaning: The phrase flimflam artist refers to a swindler, especially one who goes after a big game and prepares for it carefully.

get something down to a fine art
Meaning: If you get something down to a fine art, you become skilled at it.

get the picture
Meaning: Understand what’s happening

paint something with a broad brush
Meaning: The phrase paint something with a broad brush means to describe something in general terms, without mentioning specific details and without paying attention to individual variations.

poetic justice
Meaning: The phrase poetic justice refers to a situation in which virtue is rewarded and vice is punished, in such a way that this justice seems proper and ironic.

poetry in motion
Meaning: If something is poetry in motion, it is something that is graceful and beautiful to observe.

stage whisper
Meaning: If you say something in a stage whisper, you say it in a loud whisper with the intention of being overheard.

state of the art
Meaning: The phrase state of the art refers to something that reflects the highest level of development, something that is very up-to-date.

tar with the same brush
Meaning: To tar somebody or something with the same brush means to describe them using the same undesirable attribute, especially unjustly.

thumbnail sketch
Meaning: The phrase thumbnail sketch refers to a short description or small picture.

to a fine art
Meaning: The phrase to a fine art refers to something done in a way that is based on highly developed skill.

under canvas
Meaning: The phrase under canvas, means to be in a tent.

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