Idioms about dreams

Idioms about dreams

beyond your wildest dreams
Meaning: The phrase beyond your wildest dreams means in a way you had never imagined before.

broken dreams
Meaning: The phrase broken dreams refer to dreams, plans, or goals that didn’t come true.

daydream about someone or something
Meaning: This phrase means to have fantasies about someone or something while one is awake.

dream come true
Meaning: The phrase a dream come true refers to something that you have always hoped for and that has happened.

dream on
Meaning: The phrase dream on is an idiomatic expression used to express skepticism and say that something is unlikely to happen.

dream ticket
Meaning: The phrase dream ticket refers to an ideal alliance between two people, usually candidates in an election.

in your dreams
Meaning: The phrase in your dreams means that you don’t believe that something which is desired by someone will happen.

pipe dream
Meaning: The phrase a pipe dream refers to a goal that is impossible to accomplish.

work like a dream
Meaning: If something works like a dream for you, it works perfectly well.

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