Idioms about health

Idioms about health

a bundle of nerves
Meaning: If you are a bundle of nerves, you are very nervous.

a clean bill of health
Meaning: said when you examine someone or something and state that they are healthy, in good condition, or legal.

a taste of one’s own medicine
Meaning: If you give someone a taste of their own medicine, you make them experience the same bad treatment they have given to others.

alive and kicking
Meaning: In good health despite health problems

as blind as a bat
Meaning: If someone is as blind as a bat, they are nearly or completely blind or they are unwilling to recognize problems or bad things.

bag of bones
Meaning: an extremely thin person.

be full of beans
Meaning: If someone is full of beans, they are active, lively, healthy and have a lot of energy and enthusiasm; In American English, the phrase means full of nonsense

be on the mend
Meaning: Be improving after an illness

be sick and tired of
Meaning: The phrase to be sick and tired of something or of doing something is an idiomatic expression which means to be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for a long time.

bitter pill to swallow
Meaning: An unpleasant fact that one must accept

black out
Meaning: to lose consciousness.

call in sick
Meaning: If you call in sick, you inform your employer that you will be absent because you are ill.

Charley horse
Meaning: If you get a Charley horse, you develop a cramp in the arm or the leg muscle because of excessive muscular strain or a blow.

fit as a fiddle
Meaning: If you are as fit as a fiddle, you are well and fit.

foot-in-mouth disease
Meaning: If you have foot-in-mouth disease, you have the tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

go under the knife
Meaning: Undergo surgery

go viral
Meaning: Begin To spread rapidly on the Internet

green around the gills
Meaning: To look sick

hale and hearty
Meaning: in a good health.

in bad shape
Meaning: In bad physical condition.

in the best of health
Meaning: very healthy.

just what the doctor ordered
Meaning: Exactly the thing that is or was needed to help improve something or make one feel better

nurse someone back to health
Meaning: to look after a sick person until he recovers.

picture of (good) health
Meaning: in a very healthy condition.

poison pill
Meaning: A provision or feature added to a measure or an entity to make it less attractive, an undesirable add-on

safe and sound
Meaning: safe and without injury or damage.

sick as a dog
Meaning: Extremely ill.

take a deep breath
Meaning: The phrase to take a deep breath is an idiomatic expression that means to pause, especially in order to make oneself feel strong and confident.

white as a sheet
Meaning: said about someone whose face is very pale because of illness, shock or fear.

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