Idioms about language

Idioms about language

at a loss for words
Meaning: If you are at a loss for words, this means that you are unable to speak.

beyond words
Meaning: The phrase beyond words is an idiomatic expression that refers to an overwhelming situation where one cannot find words to express ones emotions.

body language
Meaning: The phrase body language is an idiom that refers to any gesture, position, or movement of the body or face, used to communicate non-verbally.

eat one’s words
Meaning: If someone has to eat their words, this means that they have to admit that they were not right about something they said earlier.

go back on one’s word
Meaning: If you go back on your word, you break a promise that you have made.

have a word with someone
Meaning: If you have a word with someone, you have a brief conversation with them.

have words with someone
Meaning: If you have words with someone, you argue, quarrel, or speak angrily with them.

in plain English
Meaning: The phrase in plain English is an idiomatic expression that means in clear, simple language.

it goes without saying
Meaning: The phrase it goes without saying is an idiom. It refers to something that is so obvious that it is needless to say it.

it’s all Greek to me
Meaning: The phrase it’s all Greek to me is an idiom in English, referring to something that is not understandable.

loaded language
Meaning: The phrase loaded language refers to a wording that aims at exerting an influence on an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes.

mince one’s words
Meaning: If you mince your words, you speak vaguely or indirectly.

speak the same language
Meaning: The phrase to speak the same language is an idiomatic expression that means to have the same ideas, tastes and attitudes as someone else.

talk a mile a minute
Meaning: The phrase talk a mile a minute is an idiomatic expression that means to speak very fast; to talk in a very quick or hurried manner.

talk in circles
Meaning: If you talk in circles, you keep repeating the same points and not arriving at any conclusions.

talk is cheap
Meaning: The phrase talk is cheap is a proverb that means it is easier to say you will do something than to actually do it.

watch your language
Meaning: The phrase watch your language is an idiom that means pay attention to what one is saying.

what’s the magic word?
Meaning: The question “what’s the magic word?” is an idiomatic expression used for reminding a child to say ‘please’ when asking for something.

words fail me
Meaning: The phrase words fail me is an idiom that expresses shock, surprise or dismay, especially when one cannot find words to express ones thoughts and feelings about something one has just seen or heard about.

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