Idioms about men and women

Idioms about men and women

a man of action
Meaning: a man who is inclined to act first rather than think about things and discuss them.

a man of few words
Meaning: a man who doesn’t speak much. A man of action

a man’s man
Meaning: The phrase a man’s man refers to a man known for traditionally masculine interests and activities.

a woman of few words
Meaning: (also a man of few words) a woman who doesn’t speak much. A woman of action

as one man
Meaning: If a group of people do something as one man, they do it unanimously, in complete agreement.

company man
Meaning: The phrase company man refers to a worker who is more loyal to his employer than to his fellow workers.

every man has his price
Meaning: The phrase every man has his price means that everyone can be bribed if you know how much or what to bribe him or her with.

every man jack
Meaning: The phrase every man jack means every person without exception.

jangle someones’s nerves
Meaning: to annoy someone or or make them nervous.

make a man of someone
Meaning: to make a young person become more experienced or act like an adult and take responsibility.

man cannot live by bread alone
Meaning: used to mean that things like poetry, art, music, etc are necassary for people just as food.

man in the street
Meaning: This idiom is used to describe an ordinary person.

man of his word
Meaning: The idiom man of his word refers to someone whom you can trust because he keeps his promises and always do what he says.

man of means
Meaning: The phrase a man of means refers to someone who is very rich.

man of straw
Meaning: A weak person.

marked man
Meaning: The idiom marked man refers to someone who is singled out as a target for vengeance or attack.

men in blue
Meaning: to the police or policemen.

no use to man or beast
Meaning: said about something or someone that is completely useless.

old wives’ tale
Meaning: a wrong traditional theory or belief, often about health.

right-hand man or woman
Meaning: The right-hand man or right-hand woman refers to a close trustworthy assistant who helps and supports you in everything you do.

scarlet woman
Meaning: a prostitute, an immoral woman, particularly one who commits adultery.

to a man
Meaning: without exception.

woman of ill repute
Meaning: to a prostitute.

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