Idioms about names

Idioms about names

before you can say Jack Robinson
Meaning: very quickliy.

Benjamin of the family
Meaning: This regers to the youngest child of the family.

Bob’s your uncle
Meaning: Said to mean “No problem”, “the solution is simple”, “there you have it”

by the name of
Meaning: called.

call someone names
Meaning: to call someone by unpleasant, abusive or insulting names.

Captain Obvious
Meaning: conversation to draw attention to a self-evident fact.

every Tom, Dick and Harry
Meaning: said about something that is common knowledge to everybody.

for Pete’s sake
Meaning: used to expresses frustration, exasperation, annoyance.

Freudian slip
Meaning: to a mistake in speech that shows what the speaker is truly thinking.

go by the name
Meaning: to be known by a specific name, a name that is not your real name.

I can’t put a name to someone
Meaning: said when you can’t remmeber someone’s name.

in name only
Meaning: nominally, not essentially.

It has someone’s name on it
Meaning: said about somthing that belongs to someone or meant for someone.

Meaning: said about someone who is able to do many things.

Jekyll and Hyde
Meaning: to someone having a dual personality, one side of which is good and the other evil.

Joe Bloggs
Meaning: an average typical man.

John Hancock
Meaning: a person’s signature.

keep up with the Joneses
Meaning: try to do the same things as your neighbors to appear as successful as they are and not be outdone by them.

name is mud
Meaning: they are in trouble, disgraced, or discredited.

nervous Nellie
Meaning: A nervous Nellie refers to someone whose personality and usual behavior are characterized by worry, insecurity, and timidity.

not be short of a bob or two
Meaning: to have a lot of money.

patience of Job
Meaning: to have a great amount of patience.

patient as Job
Meaning: very patient.

Walter Mitty
Meaning: A person, generally quite ordinary with unexceptional qualities, who is prone to fantastic daydreaming of personal triumphs.

you name it
Meaning: anything you say or choose or whatever you can think of.

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