Idioms about nature

Idioms about nature

a breath of fresh air
Meaning: said about a new, fresh, and imaginative approach, a change that feels good.

add fuel to the fire
Meaning: Worsen already existing tension

always chasing rainbows
Meaning: it means you are trying to do something that you will never achieve.

be dead in the water
Meaning: The idiom dead in the water means that something is unable to move or function.

be dead to the world
Meaning: to be sleeping.

be in deep water
Meaning: to be in serious trouble.

be in hot water
Meaning: to be in a difficult situation

be in the land of the living
Meaning: be awake or to be alive.

beat around the bush
Meaning: To speak in a roundabout way in order to avoid confronting an unpleasant topic; Avoid saying what you mean, usually because it is uncomfortable

bed of roses
Meaning: A comfortable situation

calm before the storm
Meaning: Something bad is coming, but right now it’s calm

castles in the air
Meaning: Plans that are unlikely to happen.

come into bloom
Meaning: to blossom, to start to produce flowers.

come under fire
Meaning: to be subject of criricism.

draw the shortest straw
Meaning: To be selected to do an undesirable task

drop in the bucket
Meaning: Something so strong that it doesn’t count or doesn’t have any importance or significance.

fan the flames
Meaning: to make a bad feeling or situation become worse or more intense.

gain ground
Meaning: to become popular, to make progress, to advance.

get into deep water
Meaning: to be in trouble.

greener pastures
Meaning: The phrase greener pastures is an idiomatic expression that refers to a more promising situation.

in the air
Meaning: said about something that is happening or about to happen.

it’s a jungle out there
Meaning: The phrase it’s a jungle out there is an idiomatic expression which refers to a threatening environment where it is difficult to survive.

make a mountain out of a molehill
Meaning: To take something too seriously; to make too much of something

make waves
Meaning: Cause controversy, disturb a calm group dynamic

Nature abhors a vacuum
Meaning: The phrase nature abhors a vacuum is attributed to Aristotle. It means every space in nature needs to be filled with something.

not hold water
Meaning: said when an explanation, a reason or an argument is not sound, strong or logical.

oceans of
Meaning: A large amount of something.

of the first water
Meaning: of the best.

quake like a leaf
Meaning: If you quake like a leaf, you tremble violently because you are afraid, nervous, or very cold.

rain or shine
Meaning: whatever happens; no matter whether it is rainy or sunny.

root and branch
Meaning: completely.

sail against the wind
Meaning: to work to achieve something that is difficult because most people would oppose it.

sail close to the wind
Meaning: when you sail close to the wind you act just within the limits of what is legal or acceptable.

salt of the earth
Meaning: said about somone who is honest and good.

sell ice to Eskimos
Meaning: To persuade people to go against their best interests or to accept something unnecessary or preposterous.

storm is brewing
Meaning: The phrase storm is brewing is an idiomatic expression that means that there is going to be a storm. It may also mean that there is going to be trouble or emotional upset in the near future.

tempest in a teapot
Meaning: A commotion about something unimportant

the chill wind of something
Meaning: problems, trouble.

under a cloud
Meaning: to be suspected of something.

under the sun
Meaning: In existance.

up in the air
Meaning: uncertain, unsettled.

vale of tears
Meaning: the world considered as sad and harsh.

vanish into the air
Meaning: to disappear.

walk on air
Meaning: very excited or happy.

when it rains, it pours
Meaning: Problems tend to come in groups.

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