Idioms about relationship

Idioms about relationship

affinity for
Meaning: said about you have attraction , preference or sympathy for something or someone.

bad blood
Meaning: Enmity or hatred that stems from something in the past

be an item
Meaning: Two people are an item when they are having a romantic relationship

blood is thicker than water
Meaning: family relations are more important than all other relationships.

build bridges
Meaning: to improve relationships between people.

don’t get me wrong
Meaning: an expression said when you fear someone does not understand what you say.

everybody and his cousin
Meaning: everybody; a huge crowd; too many people

expectant mother
Meaning: a pregnant woman.

experience is the mother of wisdom
Meaning: this idiom is used to mean that people learn from what happens to them.

face (that) only a mother could love
Meaning: a very ugly face.

fair-weather friend
Meaning: someone who is your friend only when the times are good.

fall in love
Meaning: to begin feeling attracted to someone and love him or her.

father figure
Meaning: A mentor, a person who offers guidance

get on like a house on fire
Meaning: said about two people like each other and become very close friends in a very short time.

go against the flow
Meaning: to do the opposite of people do and not accept things as thy are.

go with the flow
Meaning: To accept the way things naturally seem to be going

good fences make good neighbors
Meaning: this means that people should respect other people’s property and privacy and mind their own business.

have friends in high places
Meaning: to know powerful people.

he that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin
Meaning: This is a proverb which means that if you intend to marry a woman, first try to win her mother on your side.

join the club
Meaning: said as a reply to someone to mean that they are in the same situation.

kissing cousin
Meaning: A distant relative.

like father, like son
Meaning: Sons inherit their fathers’ traits and preferences, often even without realizing it.

like mother, like daughter
Meaning: This is a proverb which means that daughters resemble their mothers.

love-hate relationship
Meaning: A love-hate relationship refers to a relationship that involves both love and hatred.

necessity is the mother of invention
Meaning: This proverb means that when people really need to do something, they will find a way to do it.

play a joke
Meaning: to deceive someone for fun.

play second fiddle
Meaning: to take a subordinate or weaker position than someone else.

raw deal
Meaning: said when someones is ill treated.

say uncle
Meaning: to admit failure.

the mother of all
Meaning: an extreme example which is the biggest, most impressive, or most important of its kind.

them and us
Meaning: used when describing disagreements or differences especially between different social groups

you can’t please everyone
Meaning: making everyone happy is impossible no matter what you do.

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