Idioms about religion

Idioms about religion

act of God
Meaning: something that ooccured, such as an accident, for which no human is responsible. A natural disaster such as a storm, earthquake…

adam’s ale
Meaning: water.

as patient as Job
Meaning: If someone is as patient as Job, they are very patient.

as poor as a church mouse
Meaning: Very poor; extremely poor

as ugly as sin
Meaning: it is very ugly

baptism of fire
Meaning: The idiom baptism of fire refers to a very difficult first experience someone undergoes.

bear one’s cross
Meaning: If someone bear one’s cross they endure burden or difficulties.

better the devil you know
Meaning: it is sometimes better to deal with someone or thing you know than to deal with a new person or thing who could be even worse.

between the devil and the deep blue sea
Meaning: In a difficult position

by the grace of God
Meaning: Through the kindness and help of God.

cold day in hell
Meaning: A condition for something that would be extremely unlikely to occur

come hell or high water
Meaning: No matter what happens

count your blessings
Meaning: When you count your blessings, you are grateful for what you have.

crux of the matter
Meaning: The phrase crux of the matter refers to the most important point of an issue.

Meaning: careless, reckless or defiant.

eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Meaning: The phrase eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth refers to a principle found in Babylonian Law, in the Code of Hammurabi, as well as in monotheist religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. According to this principle a person who has injured another person is penalized to a similar degree.

fall from grace
Meaning: The idiom fall from grace refers to a loss of status, respect, or prestige.

get religion
Meaning: If you get religion, you decide to become religious or to behave in an ethical way and end one’s immoral behavior.

give the devil his due
Meaning: Literally, the phrase ‘give the devil his due’ means to pay the devil what you owe him. Figuratively, the phrase is used to mean that one has to acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked.

go to hell in a handbasket
Meaning: go to a bad state of affairs quickly.

God forbid
Meaning: said when you hope that something does not happen.

God knows
Meaning: this idiom means “only God knows.” Said when you have absolutely no knowledge of something.

God’s honest truth
Meaning: The phrase God’s honest truth refers the absolute, unquestionable truth. The idiom is used to suggest that something is the complete truth.

high man on the totem pole
Meaning: the most important person in a hierarchy or organization.

in God’s name
Meaning: used to add emphasis.

low man on the totem pole
Meaning: The least important man in a hierarchy or organization.

Mecca for someone or something
Meaning: If a place is a Mecca for someone or something, it is a place that a lot of people visit because it is known for something that they want to see or do.

not have a snowball’s chance in hell
Meaning: not to be able to achieve something.

poverty is no sin
Meaning: The phrase poverty is no sin means that we shouldn’t condemn people for their poverty.

preach to the choir
Meaning: The phrase preach to the choir or preach to the converted means to ​try to convince people of something that they already ​believe.

religious about doing something
Meaning: If someone is religious about doing something, they are strict and conscientious about it.

sell your soul to the devil
Meaning: The phrase to sell your soul to the devil is an idiomatic expression that means to be willing to do anything for money or some other reward.

speak of the devil
Meaning: The phrase speak of the devil is the short form of the idiom speak of the devil and he shall appear. It is used about someone who appears unexpectedly while being talked about.

until hell freezes over
Meaning: If someone say that someone can do something until hell freezes over, they mean that one will never in their life get the results that they want.

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