Idioms about technology and science

Idioms about technology and science

acid test
Meaning: The idiom acid test refers to a decisive test whose findings show the worth or quality of something.

bells and whistles
Meaning: The phrase bells and whistles refers to extra, fancy add-ons or gadgets on something like a phone, a car or a computer.

blow a fuse
Meaning: become uncontrolably angry; lose your temper.

bright as a button
Meaning: intelligent.

button up ones lip
Meaning: to stop talking.

click with someone or something
Meaning: The phrase to click with someone or something means to immediately like someone or something.

cog in the machine
Meaning: said about one part of a large system or organization

dad fetch my buttons
Meaning: said to express a surprise.

have a short fuse
Meaning: If you have or are on a short fuse, you have a tendency to lose your temper quickly.

have something down to a science
Meaning: said when you are able to manage doing something very well.

hit the panic button
Meaning: to panic suddenly

in tune (with somebody/something)
Meaning: said when you have a good understanding of someone or something.

it’s not rocket science
Meaning: If something is not rocket science, it is not difficult to understand.

like clockwork
Meaning: If something happens like clockwork, it means that it happens predictably, without any problems.

on the same wavelength
Meaning: thinking in the same pattern or in agreement.

pull the plug
Meaning: The phrase pull the plug means to put an end to an activity, preventing it from continuing.

push someone’s buttons
Meaning: draw a strong emotional reaction from someone, especially anger or sexual arousal.

reinvent the wheel
Meaning: to waste one’s time doing something that has already been done satisfactorily.

run out of steam
Meaning: If you run out of steam, you lose the energy, enthusiasm or interest to continue doing something.

Spuntnick moment
Meaning: The phrase Sputnik moment refers to a moment of challenge when a society or person realizes they must work harder to surpass their competitors.

the dismal science
Meaning: The phrase the dismal science refers to the discipline of economics.

well-oiled machine
Meaning: The phrase well-oiled machine refers to something that operates well.

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