Idioms about work

Idioms about work

a woman’s work is never done
Meaning: The proverb a woman’s work is never done means that a woman often works longer hours than a man because the housework and raising children are jobs that never end.

all in a day’s work
Meaning: What is normal, typical or expected.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Meaning: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb which means that it is not good to work all the time and that people may get bored if they don’t get some time off from work.

back to the salt mines
Meaning: If you go back to the salt mines, it means you have to return back to the workplace.

bean counter
Meaning: An accountant.

break your back
Meaning: If you break your back to do something, you work very hard to do it.

burn candles at both ends
Meaning: If you burn candles at both ends, you work very hard, day and night.

burn the midnight oil
Meaning: Work hard, especially late into the night.

cold piece of work
Meaning: If someone is a cold piece of work they are difficult to deal with.

devil finds work for idle hands to do
Meaning: People are inclined to do frivolous or harmful things to get rid of their boredom when they don’t do anything useful.

dirty work
Meaning: unpleasant work or dishonest action.

do the dirty work
Meaning: The phrase do the dirty work means to do the disagreeable, illegal or dishonest things.

get the sack
Meaning: to be dismissed from employment.

gum up the works
Meaning: The phrase gum up the works means to prevent a process, a system or a machine from working smoothly.

hustle and bustle
Meaning: The phrase hustle and bustle refers to a busy activity usually in a noisy surrounding.

keep up the good work
Meaning: The phrase keep up the good work is used to encourage a person to continue doing the good things they are doing now.

labor of love
Meaning: The phrase labor of love refers to a work that brings you great pleasure.

shoot the works
Meaning: to spend all the money you have or to try as much as you can to do something.

sweat blood
Meaning: to work very hard.

work like a beaver
Meaning: To work like a beaver means to work very hard.

work like a charm
Meaning: If something works like a charm, it works works very well.

work your fingers to the bone
Meaning: to work extremely hard.

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