IDIOMS beginning with E

IDIOMS beginning with E

Eager beaver
Meaning: The term eager beaver refers to a person who is hardworking and enthusiastic, sometimes considered overzealous.

Meaning: Having sharp vision

Early Bird [noun or adjective]
Meaning: Someone who does something prior to the usual time, or someone who gets up early.

Eat Crow
Meaning: To admit one was wrong, and accept humiliation

Eat Humble Pie
Meaning: To admit defeat or error, to accept humiliation

Eat Someone’s Lunch
Meaning: Defeat someone thoroughly

Eat Your Heart Out!
Meaning: (excl.) Go ahead, be jealous.

Eighty-Six (v.)
Meaning: 1) Discard, eliminate. 2) Throw someone out of a bar or store.

Elephant in the Room
Meaning: A major problem that no one is talking about

Elevator Music
Meaning: Pleasant but boring recorded music that is played in public places.

Elevator Pitch
Meaning: A brief presentation of an idea, one short enough to be delivered in an elevator

Eleventh Hour
Meaning: The last minute

Even Steven
Meaning: Owing nothing; tied (in a game)

Every Dog Has His (Its)
Meaning: Day Everyone has a moment of fame, power, or influence

Every Man and His Dog
Meaning: Many people

Every Man for Himself
Meaning: Pursue your own interests; don’t expect help from others.

Excused Boots
Meaning: Allowed to avoid mandatory tasks

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