IDIOMS beginning with H

IDIOMS beginning with H

Hail Mary (n. or adj.)
Meaning: A desperate, last-ditch attempt

Hair of the Dog (That Bit You)
Meaning: A small amount of the alcoholic beverage that caused your hangover

Hands are Tied
Meaning: You are prevented from doing something. It is not within your power

Hands Down
Meaning: Undoubtedly

Hang It Up
Meaning: To retire, to end an activity one has pursued for a long time

Hang Tough
Meaning: Maintain one’s resolve

Hanging by a Thread
Meaning: In great danger of elimination or failure

Meaning: If you are a happy-go-lucky person, you are cheerful and carefree all the time.

Hard Nut to Crack
Meaning: A difficult problem or a difficult person

Has the Cat Got Your Tongue?
Meaning: Why are you not saying anything?

Hat Trick
Meaning: Scoring three goals in hockey or soccer (football), or accomplishing three of anything.

Hatchet Job
Meaning: A strong attack on someone’s reputation; intentionally destructive criticism; calumny

Haul Over the Coals
Meaning: To scold someone severely

Have (one’s) head in the clouds
Meaning: Not know what is happening around you or out of touch with reality

Have A Ball
Meaning: To have a very enjoyable time

Have a Bone to Pick (with Someone)
Meaning: To want to discuss something someone has done that has angered or annoyed you.

Have a Bone to Pick (with Someone)
Meaning: To want to discuss something someone has done that has angered or annoyed you.

Have a Chip on One’s Shoulder
Meaning: To harbor resentment; to have an angry attitude

Have a Dog in the Hunt (Fight, Race)
Meaning: To support a certain person in a competition

Have a Lead Foot
Meaning: A tendency to drive very fast

Have a Lot on One’s Plate
Meaning: Be busy, be in the middle of many ongoing tasks

Have a Lot Riding On (Something)
Meaning: Be depending on the successful outcome or development of something

Have a Nose for (Something)
Meaning: To have natural ability at something, a talent for finding something

Have a Screw Loose
Meaning: Be slightly unbalanced or crazy

Have a Tough Row to Hoe
Meaning: Be faced with a task that is difficult because of unfavorable conditions

Have A Whale of A Time
Meaning: To enjoy yourself very much

Have an Ace Up One’s Sleeve
Meaning: To have a hidden advantage

Have Bigger Fish to Fry
Meaning: Have more important things to do; If you say you have bigger fish to fry, you mean you have more important things to do.

Have Egg on Your Face
Meaning: They are made to look foolish or embarrassed

Have Foot-in-Mouth Disease
Meaning: To embarrass oneself through a silly mistake

Have Hand of Aces/Hold All the Aces
Meaning: To be in a very strong position in a competition

Have It Out with Someone
Meaning: To have an argument with someone in order to settle a dispute

Have One Foot in The Grave
Meaning: To be near death (usually because of old age or illness)

Have One Over the Eight
Meaning: A person is slightly drunk.

Have One Too Many
Meaning: Drink too much alcohol

Have One’s Cake and Eat It, Too
Meaning: To want two incompatible things (usually used in the negative)

Have Skin in the Game
Meaning: Be risking something in an undertaking

Have Something in the Bag
Meaning: Be certain to win

Have the Hots for
Meaning: To be (sexually) attracted to somebody

Have the Hots for Somebody
Meaning: Finding somebody extremely attractive

Have The Time of Your Life
Meaning: If you have the time of our life, you enjoy yourself very much.

Have the Time of Your Life
Meaning: To have a very fun, exciting, or enjoyable time

Have Your Nose in the Air
Meaning: Have a snobbish or disdainful attitude

Have Your Say
Meaning: Express your opinion on something

Have Your Thumb Up Your Ass
Meaning: Have nothing to do

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best
Meaning: Being victorious is often a matter of simply surviving a conflict

He Would Put Legs Under A Chicken
Meaning: He will talk your head off; he is very talkative

Head (Go) South
Meaning: Decline, get worse

Head and Shoulders Above
Meaning: Far superior to

Head and Shoulders
Meaning: Above Far superior to

Head Start
Meaning: An advantage over everyone else

Heads Up (excl.)
Meaning: Get ready! Be prepared

Heads Up!
Meaning: Be careful!

Heads Will Roll
Meaning: People will be fired

Hear (Something) Through the Grapevine
Meaning: To learn something via gossip

Heart and Soul
Meaning: With all one’s energy or affection

Heavens Open
Meaning: Start to rain heavily

Heavy Hitter
Meaning: A powerful, influential person

Helicopter Parenting
Meaning: Overattentive child-raising

Hell for Leather
Meaning: Very fast, as fast as possible

High as a Kite
Meaning: Strongly under the influence of drugs or intoxcants

High as a Kite
Meaning: Strongly under the influence of drugs or intoxcants

High as a Kite
Meaning: Strongly under the influence of drugs or intoxcants

Hightail It
Meaning: to leave a place as quickly as possible

Highways and Byways
Meaning: You take large and small roads to visit every part of the country.

Hit a Wall
Meaning: suddenly stop making forward progress

Hit It Out of the Park
Meaning: Succeed brilliantly

Hit the Books
Meaning: To study (generally said of students

Hit the Ground Running
Meaning: To begin a job or project with no learning or training period needed

Hit the Hay
Meaning: To go to bed

Hit the Jackpot
Meaning: Do something that brings great success

Hit the Nail on the Head
Meaning: To be absolutely correct (said of an utterance)

Hit the Road
Meaning: To leave

Hit the Roof
Meaning: Explode in rage; become extremely angry

Hit the Roof
Meaning: To become very angry

Hit the Sack
Meaning: To go to bed

Hit the Spot
Meaning: Be very satisfying (said of something eaten)

Hive Mind
Meaning: The knowledge of humans as a group

Hobson’s Choice
Meaning: A choice among bad options

Hold One’s Liquor
Meaning: Be able to drink a large amount without being affected

Hold One’s Peace
Meaning: Be silent

Hold the Phone
Meaning: Wait a moment (whether you’re on the phone or not)

Hold the Phone
Meaning: Wait a moment (whether you’re on the phone or not)

Hold Your Horses (generally excl.)
Meaning: Stop; restrain yourself; don’t be so excited

Home Away from Home
Meaning: A habitual hangout; a place one frequents often and where one feels welcome

Home Truths
Meaning: Honest, often painful criticism

Honor System
Meaning: A system of payments that relies on the honesty of those paying

Hot Mess
Meaning: Something or someone in a state of extreme disorder

Hot on the Heels (of)
Meaning: In close pursuit

Hot on the Heels (of)
Meaning: In close pursuit

Hot Potato
Meaning: A controversial subject or difficult project that is best avoided

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