IDIOMS beginning with J

IDIOMS beginning with J

Jack of All Trades
Meaning: A person with a wide variety of skills

Jam Session
Meaning: Playing improvised music in an informal setting

Jim Crow
Meaning: The system of racial segregation in the American South prior to the American civil rights movement.

Join the Club (excl.)
Meaning: I feel sympathy for you because I have experienced something similar.

Jump in with Both Feet
Meaning: Begin a new experience wholeheartedly

Jump on the Bandwagon
Meaning: To follow a trend or craze

Jump on the Bandwagon
Meaning: To follow a trend; follow the crowd

Jump the Gun
Meaning: Start doing something too soon

Jump the Shark
Meaning: To pass peak quality and begin to decline. Often used to describe television programs or movie series.

Jump the Track
Meaning: To shift suddenly from one activity or line of thought to another

Jump Through Hoops
Meaning: Complete a series of tasks in order to satisfy someone

Just Around the Corner
Meaning: Occurring soon

Just for the Record
Meaning: I would like to make it clear that…

Just What the Doctor Ordered
Meaning: Exactly the thing that is or was needed to help improve something or make one feel better

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