IDIOMS beginning with S

IDIOMS beginning with S

Sacred Cow
Meaning: An indvidual or organization that one cannot criticize

Saving Grace
Meaning: Something that redeems a bad situation

Scare the Living Daylights Out of Someone
Meaning: Frighten someone severely

Scorched Earth
Meaning: Ruthless, extremely destructive

Screw The Pooch
Meaning: To make a serious error

School Of Hard Knocks
Meaning: Difficult real-life experiences from which one has learned

Second Banana
Meaning: A person in a subservient position

Second Stringer
Meaning: A substitute player in a sport; a substitute for a job who is not the most talented person

Second Wind
Meaning: Renewed energy

See Eye to Eye
Meaning: To concur, agree

See Something Out of the Corner of Your Eye
Meaning: Use peripheral vision

Seize (Take) the Bull By the Horns
Meaning: Attack a problem directly

Seize the Day
Meaning: Take an opportunity

Sell (Someone) a Bill of Goods
Meaning: Trick someone; be deceptive

Sell Like Hotcakes
Meaning: Be sold very quickly

Selling Point
Meaning: An attractive feature of something for sale

Set in Stone
Meaning: Fixed; unchangeable

Set something to Music
Meaning: To write a piece of music to accompany a set of words

Set the Bar (Too) High
Meaning: To set a high standard for something

Set the Thames on Fire
Meaning: Do something amazing. Usually used in the negative.

Set the World on Fire
Meaning: Do something amazing; have a brilliant stretch in one’s career

Shake the Dust off Your Shoes
Meaning: Make a clean break with a relationship or situation

Shape Up or Ship Out
Meaning: Behave properly or leave the organization

Sharp as A Tack
Meaning: Mentally agile

Shell Game
Meaning: A method of deception in which you conceal your actions by moving something frequently

Shift Gears
Meaning: Change the subject, or change what one is doing

Shipshape And Bristol Fashion
Meaning: Tidy, clean

Shit a Brick
Meaning: Be extremely fearful.

Shoot from the Hip
Meaning: Talk or act without consideration

Shoot Off One’s Mouth
Meaning: Talk without considering one’s words

Shoot Oneself In The Foot
Meaning: Do something that damages oneself or one’s own cause

Short Fuse
Meaning: A quick temper; a tendency to anger quickly

Shot Across the Bow
Meaning: A warning of more serious actions to come

Shoulder A Weight Off Your Shoulders
Meaning: You no longer worry about something or deal with something difficult

Show Me an X And I’ll Show You a Y
Meaning: There is a consequence to X that you may not have thought of.

Show One’s True Colors
Meaning: Reveal one’s true nature

Show Your Cards
Meaning: Reveal your resources or plans

Sick and Tired of
Meaning: Extremely annoyed by something that occurs repeatedly

Sick as a Dog
Meaning: Extremely ill.

Sick as a Parrot
Meaning: Very disappointed

Sight for Sore Eyes
Meaning: A sight that makes you happy

Silver Bullet
Meaning: Something simple that resolves a difficult problem

Simmer Down
Meaning: Become less angry; regain one’s composure

Sink or Swim
Meaning: Fail or succeed

Sing a Different Tune
Meaning: Change your opinion

Sit On (Something)
Meaning: Delay revealing or acting on something

Sit Tight
Meaning: Wait and do not go anywhere

Sitting Duck
Meaning: Something or someone easily attacked or criticized

Sitting Pretty
Meaning: In a favorable situation

Six Feet Under
Meaning: Dead and buried

Six Feet Under
Meaning: Dead and buried

Six of One, a Half Dozen of the Other
Meaning: The two choices have no significant differences.

Six Ways to (from) Sunday
Meaning: In every possible way

Slam Dunk
Meaning: An effort that is certain to succeed

Sleep Like a Baby
Meaning: To experience a very deep and restful sleep; to sleep soundly

Sleep with the Fishes
Meaning: Dead, often by murder

Slip Someone a Mickey
Meaning: Add a drug to an alcoholic drink in order to knock someone out

Slippery Slope
Meaning: A series of undesirable effects that, one warns, could result from a certain action

Slower than Molasses
Meaning: Exceptionally slow or sluggish; not fast at all.

Small Beer
Meaning: Unimportant, insignificant

Small Fry
Meaning: People or organizations with little influence; children

Small Potatoes
Meaning: Unimportant, insignificant

Smell a Rat
Meaning: Suspect deception

Smoking Gun
Meaning: indisputable evidence of a crime

Meaning: A malfunction; a chaotic situation

Snake Oil
Meaning: A useless medicine; a quack remedy; a product or measure promoted as a solution that really does nothing to help

Snake Oil
Meaning: Medicine of unproven value; fraudulent medicine

Sneak Peek
Meaning: A sneak peek is an opportunity to view something in advance of its official opening or debut

Soak Up the Sun
Meaning: To enjoy the sun

Sold On (Something)
Meaning: Convinced of something

Some Eggs
Meaning: Achieving a major goal requires the ability to tolerate some problems

Someone’s Fingerprints Are All Over (Something)
Meaning: Someone’s influence is evident

Something to Crow
Meaning: About Something to be proud of, an accomplishment about which one is justified in bragging

Son of a Gun
Meaning: 1) A rogue. 2) An exclamation of surprise.

Sore Point
Meaning: A sensitive topic for a particular person

Sour Grapes
Meaning: Disparagement of something that has proven unattainable

Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child
Meaning: It is necessary to physically punish children in order to raise them right.

Speak of the Devil (and He Shall Appear)
Meaning: The person we have just been talking about has entered.

Speak with A Plum in (one’s) Mouth
Meaning: To speak in a manner that is indicative of a high social class.

Spick and Span
Meaning: Clean and neat

Spill the Beans
Meaning: Reveal a secret; Give away a secret

Spin A Yarn
Meaning: Tell a story

Spin One’s Wheels
Meaning: Engaging in activity that yields no progress; getting nowhere

Spit into The Wind
Meaning: Wasting time on something futile

Spoiling for a Fight
Meaning: Combative, wanting conflict, eager to argue or fight

Spoiling for a Fight
Meaning: Combative, wanting conflict, eager to argue or fight

Square the Circle
Meaning: Attempt an impossible task

Stab Someone in the Back
Meaning: To betray (somebody)

Stalking Horse
Meaning: Someone who tests a concept in advance of its application; a candidate who enters a political race in order to test the strength of the incumbent

Stand Someone In Good Stead
Meaning: Be useful in the future

Stand On One’s Own Two Feet
Meaning: To be independent and self-sufficient

Stand One’s Ground
Meaning: Refuse to back down; insist on one’s position

Start with a Clean Slate
Meaning: To start (something) again with a fresh beginning; to work on a problem without thinking about what has been done before

Steal Someone’s Thunder
Meaning: Upstage someone

Stem the Tide
Meaning: To stop or control the growth of something, usually something unpleasant.

Step Up One’s Game
Meaning: Work to advance to a higher level of a competition

Step Up to the Plate
Meaning: Prepare to take action, be the person in a group who takes action

Stick It to the Man
Meaning: Do something that frustrates those in authority

Stick Your Nose into Something
Meaning: Intrude into something that is not your affair

Sticker Shock
Meaning: Surprise at the high price of something

Meaning: A person who dislikes or adapts slowly to new ideas

Sticky Wicket
Meaning: A difficult, tricky situation

Meaning: Stubborn; excessively formal

Storm in a Teacup
Meaning: A commotion that dies down quickly, about something unimportant

Stormy Relationship
Meaning: Relationship that has a lot arguments and disagreement

Stumbling Block
Meaning: An obstacle, physical or abstract

Straight Arrow
Meaning: An honest, trustworthy person

Strain at a Gnat and Swallow a Camel
Meaning: To make a fuss over something unimportant while ignoring larger issues

Strike A Chord
Meaning: Used to describe something that is familiar to you, reminds you of something or is connected to you somehow.

Sugar Daddy
Meaning: A rich man who is generous with younger women in return for sexual favors

Meaning: Certain to occur; certain to succeed.

Swan Song
Meaning: A final appearance

Swan Song
Meaning: This expression is used to describe a final act before dying or ending something.

Sweep Under the Carpet
Meaning: Attempt to temporarily conceal a problem or error

Sweep Under the Rug
Meaning: Attempt to temporarily conceal a problem or error

Sweet Dreams!
Meaning: Sleep well!

Sweeten the Deal
Meaning: Add something to an offer during a negotiation

Sweeten the Pot
Meaning: Increase the amount of winnings potentially available in a game of chance, especially poker

Swim Against the Tide
Meaning: Do something contrary to a trend or usual opinion

Swim with Sharks
Meaning: To take a major risk

Swim with the Fishes
Meaning: Have been killed, especially with involvement of organized crime

Swing for the Fences
Meaning: Attempt to achieve the largest accomplishment possible

Swing for the Fences
Meaning: Attempt to achieve the largest accomplishment possible

Sword of Damocles
Meaning: Something that causes a feeling of constant threat.

stand a chance
Meaning: – to have a possibility of succeeding, even if a remote one – to be possible to be able to do something – to have a hope of success – to have a possibility or a hope of success

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