IDIOMS beginning with W

IDIOMS beginning with W

Waiting in the Wings
Meaning: Ready to assume responsibilities but not yet active, ready to become a successor

Meaning: Change political parties (said of politicians themselves)

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Meaning: Stop deluding yourself

Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
Be grumpy or ill-humored. Generally used in past tense

Walk on Eggshells
Meaning: To have to act very sensitively in order to avoid offending someone

Walk the Plank
Meaning: Be forced to resign a position

Wandering Eye
Meaning: A tendency to look at and desire women or men other than one’s committed romantic partner

Wandering Eye
Meaning: A tendency to look at and desire women or men other than one’s committed romantic partner

Wash Your Hands of Something
Meaning: Decline to take further responsibility; refuse to be involved with something anymore

Water Under the Bridge
Meaning: Something in the past that’s no longer worth worrying about

Watering Hole
Meaning: A place where alcoholic beverages are served, a bar

Weekend Warrior
Meaning: Someone who has an office job but enjoys contact sports on weekends; a member of a military reserve force (whose exercises are typically on weekends)

We’ll Cross That Bridge
Meaning: When We Come to It We’ll deal with that problem if and when it comes up

Welsh (Welch) on a Deal
Meaning: Not observe the terms of an agreement

Wet Behind the Ears
Meaning: inexperienced, immature, new to something

Wet Behind the Ears
Meaning: Inexperienced, immature, new to something

Wet Blanket
Meaning: Someone who dampens a festive occasion

Wet Your Whistle
Meaning: Drink something

What Do You Make of (Him)?
Meaning: What is your evaluation of this person?

What Goes Around Comes Around
Meaning: The kind of treatment you give to others will eventually return to you; things go in cycles

What’s Good for the Goose Is Good for the Gander
Meaning: What’s OK for a man is OK for a woman, too

When Hell Freezes Over
Meaning: Never

When In Doubt, Leave It Out
Meaning: When unsure about something, omit it.

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do
Meaning: When you visit a new place, follow the customs of the people there

When It Rains, It Pours
Meaning: Problems tend to come in groups.

When Pigs Fly
Meaning: Never; something will never happen

When the Chips Are Down
Meaning: When a situation becomes urgent or difficult

Where (When) the Rubber
Meaning: Meets the Road In reality; where an idea meets a real-world test

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way
Meaning: If you have a strong desire to accomplish something, you will achieve it even in the face of considerable odds.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Meaning: If there is typical evidence of something, the most likely explanation is that it is actually occurring.

Whisper Sweet Nothings (in Someone’s Ear)
Meaning: Speak meaningless romantic utterances

Whistle in the Dark
Meaning: To be unrealistically confident or brave; to talk about something of which one has little knowledge

Whistle Past the Graveyard
Meaning: Remain optimistic despite dangers; be clueless

Whistling Dixie
Meaning: Being unrealistically optimistic

White Elephant
Meaning: An unwanted item that is difficult to sell or dispose of

Who’s She, the Cat’s Mother?
Why does she have such a high opinion of herself?

Wild Goose Chase
An impossible or futile search or task

Window Dressing
Meaning: A misleading disguise intended to present a favorable impression

Window Shop
Meaning: To look at merchandise in a store without intending to buy it

Witch Hunt
Meaning: An organized attempt to persecute an unpopular group of people and blame them for a problem.

With Bells On
Eagerly, willingly, and on time.

Work One’s Fingers to the Bone
Work very hard over an extended period

Worn to a Frazzle
Meaning: Exhausted, completely worn out

Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead
Meaning: Would absolutely not allow myself to do this

Writing (Handwriting) on the Wall
Meaning: Hints of coming disaster

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