Phrasal Verbs Starting With C

Phrasal verbs start with C (Phrasal Verbs With C). A Phrasal verb like Calm down, Cancel out, Cap off, Care for, Carried away, Cart off, Carve out, Carve up, Cash in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With C

Phrasal Verbs With 'C' -

Calm down

Meaning: Stop being angry or emotionally excited
Example: He just needs to calm down a wee bit.

Cancel out

Meaning: Have an opposite effect on something that has happened, taking things back to the beginning
Example: The gains and losses are expected to cancel out.

Cap off

Meaning: Finish or complete, often with some decisive action
Example: I took the lens cap off my camera and waited for a good shot.

Care for

Meaning: Like
Example: Slowly that really care for another often hurt myself.

Carried away

Meaning: Get so emotional that you lose control
Example: The injured were carried away on stretchers.

Cart off

Meaning: Take someone away, usually under arrest or to prison
Example: Please cart off the mountains of rubbish.

Carve out

Meaning: Create or get a area where you can be special or successful
Example: The ones you carve out of marble.

Carve up

Meaning: Divide into smaller pieces
Example: The dark days when imperialism could carve up the world at will are gone for ever.

Cash in

Meaning: Convert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc, into money
Example: Investors were storing up a lot of cash in anticipation of disaster.

Cash in on

Meaning: Benefit or make money on something, especially if done unfairly
Example: The record company was trying to cash in on her fame by releasing early teenage recordings.

Cash out

Meaning: Illegally access a bank account or credit card and steal money
Example: They can pay cash, out of their own reserves or by borrowing.

Cash up

Meaning: Count all the money taken in a shop or business at the end of the day
Example: The club cannot cash up the money needed to train young players.

Cater for

Meaning: To provide what is necessary
Example: Our plans need to be flexible enough to cater for the needs of everyone.

Cater to

Meaning: To provide what is needed, often seen negatively
Example: They only publish novels which cater to the mass market.

Cave in

Meaning: Stop resisting or refusing
Example: The management refused to cave in to their demands.

Chalk out

Meaning: To cut a line of cocaine
Example: The boys chalked out goalposts on the playground wall.

Chalk up

Meaning: To achieve something good
Example: The team has chalked up its fifth win in a row.

Chalk up to

Meaning: Explain the reason for a problem
Example: They chalked the poor sales up to the lower numbers of tourists visiting this year.

Chance upon

Meaning: Find something by accident
Example: Perhaps you might chance upon the dictionary at some old bookstall.

Change over

Meaning: Change a system
Example: She wanted to change over from gas to electricity for her cooking.

Charge up

Meaning: Put electricity into a battery
Example: The reason may be that they charge up the hill while their elders amble.

Charge with

Meaning: Accuse somebody of a crime
Example: They have entered your mind and there they add to the charge with which you are writing your book.

Chase down

Meaning: Try hard to find or get something
Example: The police were trying to chase down all possible clues to the murder.

Chase off

Meaning: Force a person to leave or go away
Example: It does not appear to be particularly aggressive but will chase off any fish that enter the territory surrounding its flowerpot.

Chase up

Meaning: Ensure that someone remembers to do something
Example: The police have been trying to chase up the dead man’s sister, but they have no idea where she lives.

Chat away

Meaning: Talk in a free and friendly manner
Example: They would chat away to her about their day until they got down to the schoolwork.

Chat up

Meaning: Talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you
Example: I spent the evening chatting up Liz.

Cheat on

Meaning: Be sexually unfaithful
Example: My brother would never cheat on his wife; he’s not that sort.

Cheat out of

Meaning: Get money from someone under false pretences
Example: I hate him- he cheated me out OF £100.

Cheer on

Meaning: Encourage
Example: The social types turned out en masse to cheer on their friends and to put a little hard cash on the line.

Cheer up

Meaning: Be less unhappy
Example: Cheer up! It can’t be as bad as all that.

Chew off

Meaning: Remove by biting
Example: In the pines squirrels commonly chew off and drop entire cones.

Chew on

Meaning: Thinks about something carefully before deciding
Example: She polished it off and began to chew on the ice.

Chew out

Meaning: Criticize someone angrily
Example: The coach often chews out lazy players.

Chew over

Meaning: Think about an issue
Example: There is plenty of time for us to chew over our plan.

Chew up

Meaning: Cut into small pieces with your teeth
Example: The boy chewed up the book.

Chicken out

Meaning: Be too afraid to do something
Example: I Chickened out of the bungee jumping when I saw how high it was.

Chill out

Meaning: Relax
Example: Chill out, Dad. The train doesn’t leave for another hour!

Chime in

Meaning: Contribute to a discussion
Example: He’s always ready to chime in with his opinion.

Chip away at

Meaning: Gradually reduce something to make it less powerful, effective, etc
Example: The group had hoped to chip away at its debts by selling assets.

Chip in

Meaning: Contribute some money
Example: His grandfather would always chip in while we were talking.

Choke off

Meaning: Stop or restrict
Example: High interest rates have choked off investment.

Choke out

Meaning: Clog or overwhelm
Example: Growth of the reed can choke out native water plants.

Choke up

Meaning: Become tearfully emotional
Example: Our basketball team began to choke up in the last quarter.

Choose up

Meaning: Form groups or teams
Example: The boys chose up sides and then took their positions on the field.

Chop down

Meaning: Fell or cut down a tree
Example: Sometimes they have to chop down a tree for firewood.

Chop up

Meaning: Cut into small pieces
Example: Chop up the onion into small pieces.

Chow down

Meaning: Eat
Example: She had to chow down with the others in the cafeteria.

Chow down on

Meaning: Eat something
Example: Make a wish, take a deep breath, blow out the flames and chow down on the candles.

Chuck away

Meaning: Dispose of something you no longer need or want
Example: I’m not giving you money to chuck away on toys.

Chuck in

Meaning: Quit something
Example: If you buy the freezer and the fridge we’ll chuck in a toaster.

Chuck out

Meaning: Dispose of something you no longer need or want
Example: I really must chuck out all those old books.

Chuck up

Meaning: Vomit, be sick
Example: If we can’t win this war, we will have to chuck up the sponge.

Churn out

Meaning: Produce, usually quickly or in large amounts without much regard to quality
Example: The military bomb boys can churn out their own fissile materials without difficulty.

Clag up

Meaning: Make something sticky
Example: His arteries are clagged up because he eats so much saturated fat.

Clam up

Meaning: Be quiet, refuse to speak
Example: The teacher asked who had thrown the eraser,but the class clammed up.

Clamp down on

Meaning: Restrict or try to stop something
Example: The government intends to clamp down on drug smuggling.

Claw back

Meaning: Get money back
Example: The airline is beginning to claw back some of the business it lost after the bomb explosion.

Clean off

Meaning: Remove dirt or something dirty
Example: First clean off all loose material, then coat the area to be covered by the repair with special primer.

Clean out

Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted things.
Example: I hope you will clean out all those sticky old sweet papers and empty envelopes from your drawer this time.

Clean up

Meaning: Tidy and clean
Example: Drastic measures are needed to clean up the profession.

Clear away

Meaning: Leave a place
Example: I’ll help you to clear away after tea.

Clear off

Leave somewhere quickly
Example: I don’t think the mist will clear off very soon.

Clear out

Meaning: Tidy up thoroughly and throw away unwanted stuff.
Example: We decided to clear out all the old clothes that we never wear.

Clear up

Meaning: Cure or recover from an infection
Example: They always clear up their bedrooms before they go out.

Click through

Meaning: Open an advertisement on the Internet
Example: The new forum avatars will be each player’s character portrait, with the ability to click through to the paper doll.

Climb down

Meaning: Accept that you are wrong and change your position
Example: The government has been forced to climb down over the issue of increased taxes.

Cling on

Meaning: Hold tight
Example: Some children tend to cling on their first day at school.

Cling on to

Meaning: Try to keep something
Example: She managed to cling on to life for another couple of years.

Cling to

Meaning: Try to maintain beliefs, hopes, etc.
Example: I still cling to the hope that he’s alive.

Clock in

Meaning: Record the time of arriving at work on a machine
Example: The clock in the painting is a symbolic representation of the passage of time.

Clock off

Meaning: Record the time you leave work
Example: The Night Duty Officer was ready to clock off.

Clock on

Record the time of arriving at work on a machine
Example: The clock on the church tower said nine o’clock.

Clock out

Meaning: Record the time you leave work
Example: Workers in a factory must clock out when they leave.

Clock up

Meaning: Win, score or achieve results
Example: The company has clocked up record exports this year.

Clog up

Meaning: Block, slow movement right down
Example: Within a few years the pipes began to clog up.

Cloud over

Meaning: Get very cloudy
Example: His miserable manner cast a cloud over the whole proceedings.

Clown about

Meaning: Behave stupidly or waste time
Example: The students were Clowning about all lesson.

Clown around

Meaning: Behave stupidly or waste time
Example: They love to dance, play, have fun, and clown around.

Clue in on

Meaning: Give someone the information they need
Example: She’s new to the team, so please clue her in on the work you’ve done so far.

Coast along

Meaning: Do something without making much effort or trying to improve
Example: They rise up out of nowhere, coast along in the rearview mirror.

Cobble together

Meaning: Make, assemble or produce something quickly, without much care
Example: The essay was cobbled together from some old notes.

Cock up

Meaning: Ruin or spoil something
Example: She cocked up all the arrangements for the party.

Colour (Color) in

Meaning: Fill an area with colour/color
Example: The garden is a blaze of colour in autumn.

Colour (Color) up

Meaning: Blush
Example: He Coloured up when he was caught stealing from the till.

Cone off

Meaning: Close part or all of a road
Example: The police coned off the lane after the accident.

Conjure up

Meaning: Create a picture or memory in someone’s mind
Example: Unfortunately, I can’t just conjure up the money out of thin air!

Conk out

Meaning: Fall fast asleep
Example: The car conked out at the crossroads.

Contract in

Meaning: Become involved or committed to something
Example: Pupils contract in bright light, and dilate in darkness.

Contract out

Meaning: Give a contract for a service outside the company you work for
Example: They put a contract out on him and he’s in hiding.

Contract out of

Meaning: Formally leave and agreement
Example: Employees can contract out of their employer’s occupational pension scheme.

Cool down

Meaning: Get cooler
Example: Let the cookies cool down before you try them.

Cool off

Meaning: Become calmer
Example: Leave her to cool off and then talk to her.

Coop up

Meaning: Confine in a small area
Example: I feel like I’ve been cooped up in this flat for days.

Cop it

Meaning: Get into trouble
Example: You’ll really cop it if your parents find out you’ve been stealing.

Cop off

Meaning: Leave work or school early
Example: Who did he cop off with at the party?

Cop out

Meaning: Choose an easy alternative
Example: Lots of people said they’d help but they’ve all copped out.

Cost up

Meaning: Calculate how expensive some work is going to be
Example: An accident reconstruction can cost up to £1,000.

Cotton on

Meaning: To work out the truth
Example: She had already cottoned on to the fact that the nanny was not all she appeared.

Cotton up to

Meaning: Ingratiate
Example: He is very friendly and will cotton up to anyone easily.

Cough up

Meaning: Lose possession of a ball, etc. in a contact sport
Example: I’ll have to cough up $10,000 a year for tuition.

Could do with

Meaning: Need or want something
Example: The whole house could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Cover for

Meaning: Provide an excuse or alibi
Example: I’ll cover for Jane while she’s on holiday.

Cover up

Meaning: Conceal, try to stop people finding out
Example: The company tried to cover up its employment of illegal immigrants.

Cowboy up

Meaning: Not give in when things get difficult
Example: We have to Cowboy up and get this job done.

Cozy up

Meaning: Make yourself comfortable
Example: Come over to the fire and cozy up a bit.

Cozy up to

Meaning: Make yourself popular with someone
Example: Henry is cozying up to John so he can join the club.

Crack down on

Meaning: Use more authority than usual
Example: The government is determined to crack down on terrorism.

Crack on

Meaning: Continue doing something with energy
Example: The rain-water dripped through a crack on the ceiling.

Crack up

Meaning: Have a nervous breakdown
Example: Pressure of life caused him to crack up.

Crank out

Meaning: Produce a lot of something fast
Example: The plant can crank out about 6cars an hour.

Crank up

Meaning: Inject non-medical drugs
Example: Adding a baby to the mix will surely crank up the stress.

Crash out

Meaning: Sleep at someone’s house because you are too tired, drunk, etc. to leave
Example: I just want to crash out on the sofa.

Cream off

Meaning: Take money or divert funds, usually wrongfully or unfairly
Example: The private schools cream off many of the best pupils.

Crop up

Meaning: Appear unexpectedly
Example: Misprints often crop up in the papers.

Cross off

Meaning: Delete, remove from a list
Example: Cross off any items we’ve already got.

Cross out

Meaning: Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong
Example: Cross out any words that are not on the list.

Cross up

Meaning: Confuse, deceive
Example: The treasure map was deliberately drawn to cross us up.

Cruise through

Meaning: Pass or succeed easily
Example: It is the crowning achievement of my recent cruise through the Hawaiian Islands.

Crumb down

Meaning: Clear a table in a restaurant
Example: The waiter Crumbed down before the coffee was served.

Cry off

Meaning: To cancel an arrangement
Example: He tried to cry off after swearing he would do it!

Cry out

Meaning: Shout because you are in pain
Example: The wounded man could not forbear to cry out.

Cuddle up

Meaning: Position your body very closely
Example: The children cuddled up under the warm blankets.

Cuddle up to

Meaning: Position your body very close to someone
Example: One minute something’s there and you can cuddle up to it.

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