Phrasal Verbs Starting With D

Phrasal verbs starting with D (Phrasal Verbs With D). A Phrasal verb like Damp down, Damp off, Dash down, Dash off, Dawn on, Deal in, Deal with, Decide on, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With D

Damp down

Meaning: Calm or reduce feelings, emotions
Example: She tried to damp down her feelings of despair.

Damp off

Meaning: When there is too much moisture and a plant is affected by fungal parasites
Example: The shoots are beginning to damp off.

Dash down

Meaning: Write something quickly
Example: Their centre made a dash down the right flank.

Dash off

Meaning: Leave somewhere quickly
Example: Should he dash off a few writs?

Dawn on

Meaning: Finally realise or understand something
Example: It was beginning to dawn on her that she had been fooled.

Deal in

Meaning: Do business, trade
Example: This newspaper doesn’t deal in gossip, only in facts.

Deal with

Meaning: Be about, use as a subject matter
Example: She has a lot of correspondence to deal with.

Decide on

Meaning: Choose, select
Example: I can’t decide on who to invite.

Decide upon

Meaning: Choose, select
Example: A tribunal is given authority to decide upon a particular issue.

Deck out

Meaning: Decorate or dress for special occasion
Example: The canteen was decked out with Christmas decorations.

Delve into

Meaning: Examine, investigate
Example: To delve into interface design further, consider video on-demand.

Dial in

Meaning: Join a teleconference
Example: A remote access dial in user service(RADIUS) authentication, authorization and account system is constructed.

Dial into

Meaning: Join a teleconference
Example: The user makes a local call to dial into the Internet, then talks into a microphone.

Dial up

Meaning: Connect to a computer with a phone and modem
Example: They claim that the dial up approach cuts the cost of two-way motion video by up to 90 percent.

Dig down

Meaning: Spend your own money
Example: The customer will not dig down for such food.

Dig in

Meaning: Start eating greedily
Example: I usually dig in a small barrow load of compost in late summer.

Dig into

Meaning: Reach inside to get something
Example: I’m going to have to dig into my savings again.

Dig out

Meaning: Find something you haven’t used, seen, etc, for a long time
Example: Firefighters helped to dig out the people trapped in the snowdrift.

Dig up

Meaning: Find something that is supposed to be secret
Example: The children helped their parents to dig up potatoes.

Dime out

Meaning: Report someone to authorities, etc
Example: His friends Dimed him out and he was arrested.

Dine out

Meaning: Have dinner outside your home
Example: They would dine out together once a month.

Dine out on

Meaning: Tell a story repeatedly that is well received
Example: How long can she dine out on her former success?

Dip in

Meaning: Put something in a liquid for a short time
Example: The dip in prices this summer will be brutal.

Dip into

Meaning: Read parts of a book, but not all
Example: I usually dip into a book before deciding whether to buy it.

Dip out

Meaning: Leave a place without telling anyone
Example: The party was so dull I dipped out.

Disagree with

Meaning: Make someone feel sick or ill
Example: The conclusions disagree with the facts.

Dish out

Meaning: Serve food
Example: Grandmother asked me to dish out salad.

Dish up

Meaning: Serve food
Example: She asked Mary to help her dish up the dinner.

Dive in

Meaning: Start doing something, usually without planning
Example: The band played in every smoky dive in town.

Dive into

Meaning: Reach inside something quickly
Example: We make a dive into the motel office, two travelling strangers.

Divide up

Meaning: Share
Example: The idea is to divide up the country into four sectors.

Divvy out

Meaning: Divide, share
Example: The waiters and waitresses divvy out the tips at the end of the night.

Divvy up

Meaning: Divide, share
Example: The thieves agreed to divvy up with the spoils.

Dob in

Meaning: Report someone to teachers, authorities, etcHe DOBBED me IN to the teacher.
Example: He dobbed me in to the teacher.

Dole out

Meaning: Give out, distribute
Example: I got out my wallet and began to dole out the money.

Doss about

Meaning: Spend time doing very little or being unproductive
Example: I couldn’t get down to my work and dossed about all night.

Doss around

Meaning: Spend time doing very little or being unproductive
Example: I spent the afternoon dossing around.

Doss down

Meaning: Sleep somewhere temporarily because you don’t go home
Example: She knew that Harry liked to doss down in the porch.

Doze off

Meaning: Fall asleep
Example: The film was so boring that I dozed off in the middle of it.

Drag on

Meaning: Be unnecessarily long
Example: That seems like a horrible mess that will drag on for years.

Drag out

Meaning: Make something last longer than necessary
Example: The company was willing to drag out the proceedings for years.

Drag out of

Meaning: Force someone to confess or tell the truth
Example: But all we said, not a word could we drag out of him.

Dream of

Meaning: Not think or consider
Example: He was pursuing a utopian dream of world prosperity.

Dream up

Meaning: Invent something, have an idea
Example: You dream up a yard of sandpaper, damp, you’re talking tongue.

Dredge up

Meaning: Discover things about someone’s past
Example: The papers keep trying to dredge up details of his past love life.

Dress down

Meaning: Dress casually
Example: We dress down at work these days, unless we’re going to a client meeting.

Dress up

Meaning: Dress very smartly
Example: I thought I’d dress up the frozen pizza with a few extra tomatoes and olives.

Drift apart

Meaning: Slowly cease to be close to or friends with someone
Example: The drift apart had been gradual.

Drift off

Meaning: Start to fall asleep
Example: Sometimes he would drift off into reverie, and gaze out of the window for hours.

Drill down

Meaning: Search through layers of information on a computer
Example: The oil workers had to drill down 500 feet to find oil.

Drill down through

Meaning: Get to the bottom of something, get detailed data
Example: They drilled down through the information to find the truth.

Drill into

Meaning: Repeat something many times to make someone learn it
Example: Parents often try to drill into their children how much they owe them.

Drink up

Meaning: Finish a drink
Example: She told the children to drink up.

Drone on

Meaning: Talk boringly for a long time
Example: The chairman droned on for hours.

Drown in

Meaning: Cover excessively
Example: The latter drown in their self-made paradoxical logic.

Drown out

Meaning: Be so loud that another sound cannot be heard
Example: The loud cheers drown out his shouts.

Drum into

Meaning: To make someone learn or believe something by constant repetition
Example: They tipped the contents of one oil drum into the car and threw in a burning rag.

Drum out

Meaning: Force someone out of their job or position
Example: Sailors caught in a drugs scandal are to be drummed out of the service.

Drum up

Meaning: Increase support or interest
Example: The organization is using the event to drum up business.

Dry off

Meaning: Dry something quickly, or dry the surface
Example: The fresh flowers keep well and dry off naturally, once mature, while in use in arrangements.

Dry out

Meaning: Stop drinking or taking drugs when addicted
Example: The plaster will have to dry out before you can paint the room.

Dry up

Meaning: Lose all the water from a river, lake, source, etc
Example: Foreign investment may dry up.

Duck out of

Meaning: Avoid doing something
Example: No parent can duck out of his duty to his children.

Duff up

Meaning: Beat or hit someone repeatedly
Example: He was duffed up in a night club last night.

Dumb down

Meaning: Reduce the intellectual level of something in search of popularity
Example: The programme producers claimed they had to dumb down.

Dump on

Meaning: Treat someone badly
Example: Homosexuals have also made it a practice to dump on religious leaders.

Dust down

Meaning: Prepare something for use that hasn’t been used for a while
Example: The government is dusting down its plans for dealing with an Ebola epidemic.

Dust off

Meaning: Prepare something for use that hasn’t been used for a while
Example: Flick the dust off and we will use this table.

Dwell on

Meaning: Spend a lot of time on something
Example: Let’s not dwell on your past mistakes.

Dwell upon

Meaning: Spend a lot of time on something
Example: Some of the memories were almost too painful to dwell upon.

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