Phrasal Verbs Starting With E

Phrasal verbs starting with E (Phrasal Verbs With E). A Phrasal verb like Ease off, Ease up, Eat away, Eat in, Eat into, Eat out, Eat up, Ebb away, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With E

Ease off

Meaning: Reduce pressure
Example: The child asked his papa to help him ease off his belt a bit.

Ease up

Meaning: Relax, calm down
Example: Ask the children on the end to ease up ; some more people want to sit down.

Eat away

Meaning: Destroy slowly
Example: Something was eating away the foliage.

Eat in

Meaning: Eat at home
Example: The family thought it was more convenient to eat in the kitchen.

Eat into

Meaning: Use something valuable when you don’t want to
Example: Responsibilities at home and work eat into his time.

Eat out

Meaning: Eat in a restaurant
Example: When I lived in Spain, I used to eat out all the time.

Eat up

Meaning: Eat all of something
Example: Eat up! We’ve got to go out soon.

Ebb away

Meaning: Disappear gradually
Example: When the tide had ebbed away,the shells were left on the sand.

Edge out

Meaning: Gradually push someone or something out of their position
Example: Signal lights on cars have edged out hand signals.

Edge up

Meaning: Approach slowly
Example: The market was holding firm and edging up.

Egg on

Meaning: Encourage
Example: The Pentagon’s been left with egg on its face.

Eke out

Meaning: Make something like money last as long as possible
Example: Many workers can only eke out their redundancy money for about 10 weeks.

Embark on

Meaning: Start a project or venture
Example: Never embark on what comes after without having mastered what goes before.

Embark upon

Meaning: Start a project or venture
Example: One might embark upon a conversation and find it quite suddenly rounded off before it got under way.

Empty out

Meaning: Empty something completely
Example: The customs officer asked him to empty out the contents of his bag.

End in

Meaning: Finish a certain way
Example: He knew one false move would end in death.

End up

Meaning: Become or do something unplanned
Example: If she carries on shoplifting, she’ll end up in jail.

End up with

Meaning: Get as a result of something
Example: The weakest students can end up with a negative score.

Enter for

Meaning: Join or enter a competition
Example: Students may enter for both examinations.

Enter into

Meaning: Become involved in or accept
Example: The government agreed to enter into negotiations.

Eye up

Meaning: Look carefully at someone
Example: The guy eyed the other man up because he was behaving suspiciously.

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