Phrasal Verbs Starting With F -

Phrasal Verbs Starting With F

Phrasal verbs start with F (Phrasal Verbs With F). A Phrasal verb like Face off, Face up to, Faff about, Faff around, Farm out, Fart about, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With F

Face off

Meaning: Confront
Example: The two teams are in position, ready to face off.

Face up to

Meaning: Accept an unpleasant truth
Example: We must face up to our responsibilities and not try to get out of them.

Faff about

Meaning: Behave indecisively
Example: He told her to stop Faffing about and make her mind up.

Faff around

Meaning: Behave indecisively
Example: She told him to stop Faffing around and make his mind up.

Farm out

Meaning: Give or contract work to someone else
Example: Magazines often farm out articles to freelance journalists.

Fart about

Meaning: Waste time doing silly things
Example: I don’t give a fiddler’s fart about some hippie morality agonising about nuclear technology.

Fart around

Meaning: Waste time doing pointless things
Example: We were really bored in the lecture so we started farting around.

Fasten down

Meaning: Tie something so that it doesn’t move
Example: Builders must fasten down roofs of newly-built homes more securely.

Fasten on

Meaning: Give attention to something that confirms your beliefs
Example: It is advisable that you fasten on the opportunity.

Fasten onto

Meaning: Follow someone closely, normally when they don’t want your company
Example: Fasten onto what the official broadcasting station is saying.

Fasten up

Meaning: Close, attach
Example: The window doesn’t fasten up.

Fathom out

Meaning: Understand something
Example: Do not waste valuable height trying to fathom out how to get down in an unsuitable field.

Fatten up

Meaning: Give an animal a lot to eat to make it fat
Example: These cattle are being fattened up for slaughter.

Fawn on

Meaning: Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them
Example: Many flattering relatives fawned on the rich old man.

Fawn over

Meaning: Praise someone in an excessive way to get their favour or something from them
Example: The Salomon salesmen fawn over the thrift men.

Feed off

Meaning: Eat a food as part of an animals diet
Example: The animals can easily feed off the floor.

Feed on

Meaning: Grow stronger
Example: Birds feed on nuts and berries in the winter.

Feed up

Meaning: Give someone a lot of food to restore their health, make them bigger, etc
Example: Rail passengers are fed up with cancellations and delays.

Feel up

Meaning: Touch sexually, grope
Example: After the accident she didn’t feel up to driving.

Feel up to

Meaning: Feel capable of doing something
Example: I don’t really feel up to seeing anyone.

Fence in

Meaning: Enclose an area
Example: She would need to fence in the field if she was to keep a horse there.

Fence off

Meaning: Enclose an area to keep animals or people out
Example: He tried to fence off the consequences of his foolish act.

Fend for

Meaning: Take care of yourself or someone without help from other people
Example: The kids had to fend for themselves while their parents were away.

Fend off

Meaning: Resist something successfully
Example: The minister had to fend off some awkward questions.

Ferret about

Meaning: Search for something
Example: She nonetheless continued to ferret about for possible jobs.

Ferret around

Meaning: Search for something
Example: She Ferreted around in her bag for her keys.

Ferret out

Meaning: Search and discover something
Example: The team is trying to ferret out missing details.

Fess up

Meaning: Confess, admit something reluctantly
Example: Come on, fess up. I know there’s something you’re not telling me.

Fess up to

Meaning: Confess, admit reluctantly to something
Example: If you make a mistake, just fess up to it. Take your licks and we’ll press on.

Fetch up

Meaning: Arrive unintentionally
Example: If you don’t work hard, you’ll fetch up nowhere.

Fiddle about

Meaning: Waste time doing silly things, or doing things unsuccessfully
Example: Don’t fiddle about with the new machine.

Fiddle around

Meaning: Waste time doing silly things, or unsuccessful things
Example: Two of them got out to fiddle around with the engine.

Fiddle away

Meaning: Waste time
Example: Never fiddle away your time and strength.

Fight back

Meaning: Defend yourself, resist an attack
Example: She tried to fight back the tears.

Fight it out

Meaning: Struggle to see who wins, both by arguing or fighting
Example: There’s only one ticket so you’ll have to fight it out between you.

Fight off

Meaning: Fight an attacker and force them back
Example: The company managed to fight off a takeover attempt.

Figure on

Meaning: Plan, expect
Example: The figure on the left spoils the unity of the painting.

Figure out

Meaning: Find the answer to a problem
Example: Father is trying to figure out his tax.

File away

Meaning: Put a document in the correct place for storage in a filing system
Example: File away any excess metal until a snug fit is achieved.

File for

Meaning: Apply for something legally, like divorce or bankruptcy
Example: Make a file for these documents and write ‘finance’ on the tab.

Filter in

Meaning: Move into a lane of traffic without making other cars stop
Example: The girls filter in and allow themselves to be congratulated or consoled depending on the night.

Filter out

Meaning: Remove something unwanted
Example: Filter out all the dirt before using the water.

Find out

Meaning: Discover
Example: Love will find out the way.

Finish off

Meaning: Finish completely
Example: I want to finish off this essay before I go to bed.

Finish off

Meaning: Kill a person or animal, often when they have already been hurt
Example: Finish off the pie-it won’t keep.

Finish up

Meaning: Finally get somewhere, usually without planning to go there
Example: I want all you children to finish up your dinners.

Finish up with

Meaning: Have or do something at the end or as the last of something
Example: After all the argument, the writer finished up with a contract.

Finish with

Meaning: End a relationship
Example: My boyfriend was threatening to finish with me.

Fink on

Meaning: Give away secrets about someone
Example: He finked on her to the authorities.

Fink out

Meaning: Fail to keep a promise, arrangement, etc
Example: He said he’d come with us then finked out at the last minute.

Fire away

Meaning: Ask questions
Example: The troops were firing away at the advancing enemy.

Fire off

Meaning: Send quickly, angrily or many (letter, emails, etc)
Example: He turned the fire off and sat down on the settee, looking at the woman all the while.

Fire off

Meaning: Shoot, fire a gun (usually repeatedly)
Example: I’m going to fire off an email to a newsgroup.

Fire up

Meaning: Start a computer
Example: The room is cold, poke the fire up a little.

Firm up

Meaning: Make things clearer in a negotiation or discussion
Example: This treatment helps tone the body, firm up muscles and tighten the skin.

Fish for

Meaning: Try to get some information or to get someone to say something
Example: If you don’t want fish for dinner, then you’ll just have to go without!

Fish out

Meaning: Remove something from a bag, pocket, etc
Example: The magician conjured a bowl of fish out of his hat.

Fix up

Meaning: Make an arrangement
Example: We must meet again to fix up the details of the contract.

Fizzle out

Meaning: End in an unsuccessful way
Example: Over billions of years it will slowly fizzle out to become a black dwarf.

Flag down

Meaning: Signal at a vehicle to get it to stop
Example: He managed to flag down a passing motorist.

Flag up

Meaning: Raise an issue, or highlight its importance
Example: A linesman had his flag up so the kick did not count.

Flake out

Meaning: Fall asleep from exhaustion
Example: When you start flaking out, have something to eat.

Flame out

Meaning: Fail
Example: The fire flamed out when the wind blew again.

Flame up

Meaning: Burn brightly
Example: The quiet girl flamed up when the man asked her to dance.

Flare out

Meaning: Get angry suddenly
Example: The sleeves are tight to the elbow, then flare out.

Flare up

Meaning: When trouble suddenly appears
Example: The dispute could flare up into a major crisis.

Flesh out

Meaning: Add more details or information
Example: Examples were used to flesh out the skeleton of the argument.

Flick over

Meaning: Change TV channels quickly
Example: They look like any other novel if you just flick over the pages and they are divided into chapters.

Flick through

Meaning: Change TV channels repeatedly
Example: I had a flick through the catalogue while I was waiting.

Flip off

Meaning: Extend your middle finger as a gesture of contempt
Example: When the police were walking away, he flipped them off.

Flip out

Meaning: Become very excited and lose control
Example: The boss flipped out when he heard you lost the account.

Flip through

Meaning: Look quickly through a magazine, book, etc
Example: Finally, staple them together and flip through them to see them move.

Float about

Meaning: Be somewhere near, though not visible
Example: Some leaves were floating about on the still lake.

Float around

Meaning: Be somewhere near, though not visible
Example: Sometimes I get really weird ideas, and all those possibilities float around in my mind.

Flog off

Meaning: Sell something cheaply to get rid of it
Example: The council flogged off the land cheaply to a developer who had close links to a few of the councillors.

Floor it

Meaning: Drive a vehicle as fast as possible
Example: Both your stand and the floor it stands on must be capable of supporting this weight.

Flounce off

Meaning: Leave a place or walk away from someone angrily
Example: At night, quack flounce off a rope, swim escape in coming home.

Flounce out

Meaning: Leave a place angrily
Example: She flounced out of my room in a huff.

Fluff out

Meaning: Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air
Example: Birds fluff out their feathers as a protection against the cold.

Fluff up

Meaning: Shake or pat a cushion so that it fills with air
Example: Let me fluff up your pillows for you.

Fob off

Meaning: Make or persuade someone to accept something
Example: I won’t be fobbed off this time I’m determined to say what I think.

Fob off

Meaning: Lie or deceive someone
Example: We thought we’d been fobbed off with inferior goods.

Fob off on

Meaning: Make or persuade someone to accept something you don’t want
Example: I fobbed the work on the others.

Fob off onto

Meaning: Make or persuade someone to accept something you don’t want
Example: I fobbed the fake note onto a shopkeeper.

Fob off with

Meaning: Make or persuade someone to accept something of lower quality than they wanted
Example: He fobbed her off with some fake gold.

Focus on

Meaning: Concentrate
Example: The focus on my camera isn’t working properly.

Fold up

Meaning: Make a sheet of paper smaller
Example: I wish you kids would fold up your clothes!

Follow on

Meaning: Leave to meet someone after they have left the place you’re at
Example: Several conclusions follow on from his statement.

Follow on from

Meaning: Be the part of something
Example: The discussion sessions are supposed to follow on from this morning’s lecture.

Follow through

Meaning: Do what is necessary to complete something or make it successful
Example: The leadership has been unwilling to follow through the implications of these ideas.

Follow up

Meaning: Do something to check or improve an earlier action
Example: The police will follow up all possible leads.

Fool about

Meaning: Not be serious
Example: Stop fooling about with that knife of someone will get hurt.

Fool around

Meaning: Not be serious
Example: You shouldn’t fool around with dangerous chemicals.

Fool with

Meaning: Play with something dangerous
Example: The boy is playing the fool with the seat.

Forge ahead

Meaning: Make a lot of progress in a short time
Example: He again pledged to forge ahead with his plans for reform.

Fork out

Meaning: Spend money, often when forced to
Example: Fork out the dead plants and put in the new ones.

Fork over

Meaning: Give something to someone when told to do so
Example: I must be sure to fork over the whole garden before the winter.

Freak out

Meaning: Become very disturbed or angry
Example: Others freak out and enjoy the chance to frolic.

Free up

Meaning: Make money or time available by not using it elsewhere
Example: The government has promised to free up more resources for education.

Freeze out

Meaning: Shut out or exclude by unfriendly treatment
Example: The heating went off and we were frozen out!

Freeze over

Meaning: Become covered with ice (lake, river, pond, etc)
Example: The air temperature was well below freezing, and lakes and rivers froze over.

Freeze up

Meaning: Be blocked with ice
Example: Ice could freeze up their torpedo release mechanisms.

Freshen up

Meaning: Wash quickly and improve appearance
Example: A thorough brushing helps to freshen up your mouth.

Freshen up

Meaning: Add more alcohol to a glass before it is empty
Example: I’m going to buy some white paint to freshen up the bathroom walls.

Frighten away

Meaning: Scare someone so much that they go away
Example: The high level of crime is frightening away tourists.

Frighten off

Meaning: Scare someone so much that they go away
Example: The high prices have frightened off many customers.

Fritter away

Meaning: Waste time, money or chances
Example: The firm soon started frittering away the cash it was generating.

Frown on

Meaning: Disapprove
Example: Some restaurants frown on men not wearing jackets.

Fuel up

Meaning: Put petrol or other fuel into a vehicle
Example: Some Americans cross the border just to fuel up on some Mexican food.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With F -

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