Phrasal Verbs Starting With H

Phrasal verbs start with Hack (Phrasal Verbs With Hack). A Phrasal verb like Hack around, Hack into, Hack off, Hack up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Hack

Hack around

Meaning: Waste time
Example: I wanted to hack around for a year after college, but my finances disagreed.

Hack into

Meaning: Break into a computer system
Example: A teenage boy managed to hack into military computer networks.

Hack off

Meaning: Annoy
Example: He hacks me off with his endless complaining.

Hack up

Meaning: Chop or cut into small pieces
Example: They hacked the table up and burnt it.

Ham up

Meaning: Perform or act in an excessive way to attract attention or amuse people
Example: He hammed the part up to get the audience to laugh.

Hammer away at

Meaning: Work relentlessly
Example: Millions were spent to hammer away at the sales resistance of voters.

Hammer into

Meaning: Repeat something over a period of time to make someone remember it
Example: The experience of modifying pneumatic hammer into electrohydraulic hammer is introduced in this paper.

Hammer out

Meaning: Negotiate and reach an agreement
Example: The machine can hammer out metal very thin.

Hanker after

Meaning: Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn’t want it or can’t have it
Example: Yet we hanker after wider experience and a fresh start.

Hanker for

Meaning: Want something a lot, especially if you shouldn’t want it or can’t have it
Example: Sometimes they, they just, uh, hanker for a little competition.

Harp on

Meaning: Talk repeatedly about something
Example: I note this, and harp on her imperfections, as a defence mechanism.

Hash out

Meaning: Resolve a problem or reach an agreement through discussion
Example: They were asked to sit down together and hash out their differences by their father.

Hash up

Meaning: Spoil, make a mess
Example: I hope all of us not to hash up old bitterness against one another.

Hate on

Meaning: Be jealous, abuse or have an active hatred of someone
Example: She hates on people who disagree with her ideas.

Head for

Meaning: Move or travel towards
Example: The film’s haunting musical theme stayed in my head for days.

Head off

Meaning: Stop someone or force them to change direction
Example: The President intervened to head off the conflict.

Head out

Meaning: Go out
Example: She opened the window and stuck her head out.

Head up

Meaning: Be in charge
Example: A little bird was bobbing its head up and down.

Hear about

Meaning: Get to know some information
Example: We were so thrilled to hear about the baby.

Hear from

Meaning: Receive a phone call, email, letter or other communication from someone
Example: If you don’t hear from the builders this week, make sure you chase them up.

Hear of

Meaning: Know of something or someone’s existence
Example: He was internally disturbed to hear of her illness.

Hear out

Meaning: Listen to everything someone has to say
Example: The questioner was heard out in complete silence.

Heat up

Meaning: Make food hot
Example: The big room will not heat up easily.

Help out

Meaning: Give assistance
Example: Stella has very kindly offered to help out with the food for the party.

Hem in

Meaning: Surround or obstruct
Example: The company’s competitors complain that they are hemmed in by rigid legal contracts.

Hew to

Meaning: Conform, adhere
Example: You must hew to the rules of the game, or it wouldn’t be named game.

Hide away

Meaning: Put something in a place where it won’t be found
Example: She didn’t need to hide away in her room like a schoolgirl who was frightened of facing the world.

Hide out

Meaning: Go or stay somewhere to avoid being caught or found
Example: The family was often in flight, hiding out in friends’ houses.

Hinge on

Meaning: Depend very much or completely
Example: The home is the hinge on which family life turns.

Hinge upon

Meaning: Depend very much or completely
Example: Much may hinge upon points that the typical executive might understandably regard as irritating technicalities.

Hive off

Meaning: Separate part of a company or service, often by selling it
Example: The company decided to hive off some of its less profitable concerns.

Hole up

Meaning: Hide to avoid detection or an unpleasant situation
Example: We’d better find some shelter and hole up until the storm passes.

Hollow out

Meaning: Make an empty space inside in something, reduce power or authority
Example: Hollow out the cake and fill it with cream.

Home in on

Meaning: Target
Example: Heads, safer, Home in on udders, under-groin hot flesh-tent, Hide eyes in muggy snugness.

Hone in on

Meaning: Target, focus
Example: Soon the police hone in on him like hounds with snouts full of fear.

Hook into

Meaning: Persuade someone to do something they don’t want to do
Example: Eager to hook into a career but can’t find one right for you?

Hook up

Meaning: Meet someone
Example: Darling, help me to hook up my dress at the back.

Hook up to

Meaning: Connect to a machine
Example: All the speakers hook up to a single amplifier.

Hoon around

Meaning: Act in a dangerous or reckless way, especially when driving fast
Example: He was hooning around in his new car last night and the police pulled him.

Hop in

Meaning: Enter a vehicle
Example: I jumped, a small, involuntary hop in place, my heart pounding.

Hop it

Meaning: Go away (command)
Example: Gita hops it with little Chinchilla, Sanjay is suspected of murdering them.

Hop on

Meaning: Enter a vehicle
Example: I tried to hop on my good foot while holding onto Jim.

Hop out

Meaning: Leave a vehicle
Example: I hope you hop out of my house at once.

Horse around

Meaning: Not be serious
Example: He was horsing around in the kitchen and broke my favourite bowl.

Hose down

Meaning: Use a hose to wet, clean or wash something
Example: Will you hose down my car – it’s very dirty.

Hound out

Meaning: Force someone out of a place, job, position, etc.
Example: My men have been sent everywhere to hound out the bastard.

Hover around

Meaning: Move about a place
Example: Temperatures will hover around eight to ten degrees celsius, thats forty six to fifty fahrenheit with only a moderate breeze.

Hunker down

Meaning: Settle in a place as comfortably as possible to stay there
Example: Their strategy for the moment is to hunker down and let the fuss die down.

Hunt down

Meaning: Search for someone to punish or kill them
Example: The government agency was created to hunt down war criminals.

Hunt out

Meaning: Search until you find something
Example: I’ll try and hunt out the information you need.

Hunt up

Meaning: Search for and manage to find something
Example: A good collie enters into the spirit of the hunt, up to a point.

Hush up

Meaning: Try to keep something bad from becoming widely known
Example: They tried to hush up the matter they hijacked a lorry driver.

Hutch up

Meaning: Share accommodation with a number of people because of the high rent
Example: Property prices are so high in London that many young people are hutching up.

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