Phrasal Verbs Starting With J

Phrasal verbs start with J (Phrasal Verbs With J). A Phrasal verb like Jabber away, Jack around, Jack in, Jack up, Jam on, Jaw away, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With J

Jabber away

Meaning: Talk fast or incomprehensibly
Example: I guess he wanted me to listen instead of jabber away at the mouth.

Jack around

Meaning: Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises
Example: Don’t listen to him- he always jacks people around.

Jack in

Meaning: Quit, give up
Example: I left Jack in charge of the suitcases while I went to get the tickets.

Jack up

Meaning: Raise a car to be able to do mechanical work
Example: Ever since Congress decided to jack up the price of sugar.

Jam on

Meaning: Apply or operate something forcefully
Example: There was a monumental traffic jam on the freeway.

Jaw away

Meaning: Talk just for the point of talking rather than having anything to say
Example: Whenever my wife and her mother get together they jaw away for hours.

Jazz up

Meaning: Make something more interesting or attractive
Example: Stephen and I are going to jazz up the love songs.

Jerk around

Meaning: Cause someone trouble, treat someone badly
Example: All you do is to jerk around. Get a move on!

Jerk around

Meaning: Behave stupidly
Example: They were jerking around during the lecture.

Jerk off

Meaning: Waste time doing unimportant things
Example: He was suddenly jerked off his feet and borne aloft.

Jockey into

Meaning: Persuade or deceive someone into doing something
Example: They Jockeyed him into signing a terrible contract.

Jog along

Meaning: Make progress or move ahead, but not very fast
Example: Our lives just jog along from day to day.

Jog on

Meaning: Go away
Example: We must jog on somehow until business conditions improve.

Join in

Meaning: Take part in an activity
Example: The whole family can join in the fun at Water World.

Join in

Meaning: Take part in an activity
Example: Everybody likes to join in this activity.

Joke around

Meaning: Be funny, or try to
Example: Businesspeople often like to joke around when they make small talk.

Jot down

Meaning: Make a quick note
Example: Have a pad and pencil ready and jot down some of your thoughts.

Juice up

Meaning: Make something more exciting or perform better
Example: These young men juiced up the conference with their new ideas.

Jump at

Meaning: Accept eagerly
Example: He made his first parachute jump at the age of seventy.

Jump in

Meaning: Enter a conversation
Example: The sportswear company reports a jump in sales since the Olympics.

Jump off

Meaning: Start quickly, often well
Example: They were very foolhardy to jump off the bus while it was still moving.

Jump on

Meaning: Criticize, attack
Example: My maths teacher really used to jump on us when we got our answers wrong.

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