Phrasal Verbs Starting With L

Phrasal verbs start with ‘L’ (Phrasal Verbs With L). A Phrasal verb like Land in, Land up in, Land with, Lap up, Large it up, Lark about, Lark around, Lark it up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With L

Land in

Meaning: Get someone into trouble
Example: When he first leased the land in the late 1970s, he planned to turn it over to cereal production.

Land up in

Meaning: Arrive, end a journey in a place, often without planning
Example: Careful-you don’t want to land up in hospital.

Land with

Meaning: Create a problem for someone
Example: Farmers often enclose their land with hedges.

Lap up

Meaning: Appreciate something
Example: Their audience will lap up whatever they throw at them.

Large it up

Meaning: Have a good time when intoxicated
Example: They were Larging it up in the rave.

Lark about

Meaning: Behave in a silly way
Example: Stop larking about and get down to the problem.

Lark around

Meaning: Behave in a silly way
Example: The students wouldn’t stop Lark around.

Lark it up

Meaning: Enjoy yourself noisily and exuberantly
Example: After they won, they went to a bar to lark it up.

Latch on

Meaning: Understand, often after a long time
Example: Don’t just latch on to the latest management fads.

Latch on to

Meaning: Understand something, often after a long time
Example: It took me ages to latch on to what she was talking about.

Latch onto

Meaning: Connect to something
Example: Young children latch onto phrases and repeat them over and over.

Laugh off

Meaning: Pretend something (an injury, news, etc.) isn’t important
Example: The couple laughed off rumours that their marriage was in trouble.

Lead on

Meaning: Falsely or cruelly raise hopes
Example: The Church should give more of a lead on basic moral issues.

Lead to

Meaning: Result in
Example: The decision will inevitably lead to political tensions.

Leak out

Meaning: Become public knowledge
Example: He said it would leak out to the newspapers and cause a scandal.

Lean on

Meaning: Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want
Example: A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning un-necessary.

Leap at

Meaning: Take an opportunity enthusiastically
Example: I knew that if I made the slightest false step he would leap at me.

Leap on

Meaning: Show interest in or try to use something to your advantage
Example: Leap on to the ledge and then the door, and finally the plant pot.

Leap out at

Meaning: Be very noticeable
Example: On page after page of his work sentences leap out at the eye to be noted and remembered.

Leap upon

Meaning: Show interest in or try to use something to your advantage
Example: I waited for her to try to scream again, readying myself to leap upon her and bear her down.

Leave on

Meaning: Not turn off
Example: The officer reported back from leave on Sunday night.

Leave out

Meaning: Not include
Example: Leave out the flannel and answer the question!

Lie around

Meaning: Act in a lazy or unproductive way
Example: Some people will always want to lie around the pool.

Lie down

Meaning: Rest
Example: If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

Lie with

Meaning: Have the right to make a decision
Example: The fault does not lie with the government officials.

Lift off

Meaning: Leave the ground- rocket or spaceship
Example: My new wallpaper stripper uses high-pressure steam to lift off the paper.

Light out

Meaning: Leave suddenly
Example: Please put the light out when you leave the room.

Light up

Meaning: Light or start smoking a cigarette
Example: Drivers who forget to light up at night often cause accidents.

Light up

Meaning: Illuminate
Example: You should see his eyes light up when he talks about home.

Lighten up

Meaning: Be less serious
Example: Come on, lighten up! Where’s your sense of humour?

Limber up

Meaning: Do some exercises to warm up before playing a sport or other physical activity
Example: The substitutes are beginning to limber up on the sidelines.

Limber up for

Meaning: Prepare for something that will require a great effort
Example: They are Limbering up for the end of the financial year.

Line up

Meaning: Arrange in a line
Example: Line up these men and see if the witness can recognize the criminal.

Line up

Meaning: Arrange something in a line
Example: Please line up one after another.

Link up

Meaning: Connect, join
Example: These pieces of information link up to suggest who the thief was.

Link up with

Meaning: Connect with someone or contact them
Example: There were also some doubts about the link up with other tramways in Beckenham and Lewisham.

Listen out for

Meaning: Listen for a particular noise or sound
Example: Listen out for the baby in case she wakes up.

Listen up

Meaning: Pay attention (often used as a command)
Example: The directions are complicated so listen up.

Liven up

Meaning: Make something more interesting or exciting
Example: The meeting began to liven up after he spoke.

Liven up

Meaning: Improve someone’s mood, make them feel more energetic or interested
Example: The game didn’t liven up till the second half.

Load down

Meaning: Burden
Example: The poor woman was loaded down with family responsibilities.

Load up

Meaning: Take illegal drugs
Example: The boat called at Lerwick to load up with fresh vegetables.

Load up

Meaning: Fill a machine or vehicle
Example: The next Friday they load up the bus and set off for Oxford.

Load up on

Meaning: Consume a lot of something for a particular purpose
Example: The company continues to load up on shares, though.

Loose off

Meaning: Fire bullets
Example: I loosed off my last arrow, I prayed that the deer would fall.

Loose on

Meaning: Release or allow something bad to affect someone
Example: A team of professionals were let loose on the project.

Loose upon

Meaning: Release or allow something bad to affect someone
Example: I’ve turned that bloody maniac loose upon utopia.

Loosen up

Meaning: Become more relaxed or comfortable
Example: You need to take some exercise to loosen up you muscles.

Lord it over

Meaning: Behave in a superior manner
Example: A good manager does not try to lord it over his or her team.

Lose out

Meaning: Be at a disadvantage
Example: The deal will ensure that shareholders do not lose out financially.

Lose out on

Meaning: Not gain or have something advantageous
Example: Phillips thinks the research councils could lose out on the transfer.

Lose out to

Meaning: Be less successful
Example: He didn’t want to lose out to the other salesmen.

Luck into

Meaning: Get something by chance
Example: Jupiter brought good luck into all of your partnerships.

Luck out

Meaning: Be very lucky
Example: At last he lucked out and made good money.

Lust after

Meaning: Be attracted sexually
Example: She had secretely lusted after him for years.

Lust after

Meaning: Want something very much
Example: The richest princes of the Orient lust after her!

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