Phrasal Verbs Starting With O

Phrasal verbs start with ‘O’ (Phrasal Verbs With O). A Phrasal verb like Occur to, Open up, Operate on, Opt for, Opt in, Opt into, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With O

Occur to

Meaning: Enter one’s mind
Example: It never seems to occur to my children to contact me.

Open up

Meaning: Start to talk freely about something
Example: The government has announced plans to open up access to higher education.

Open up

Meaning: Open a shop or business for the day
Example: Exchange programs open up new vistas for students.

Operate on

Meaning: Perform surgery
Example: The army is now empowered to operate on a shoot-to-kill basis.

Opt for

Meaning: Choose
Example: People still opt for monogamy and marriage.

Opt in

Meaning: Choose to be part or a member of something
Example: Employees have the choice to opt in to the scheme.

Opt into

Meaning: Choose to be a member or part of something
Example: I opted into the scheme.

Opt out

Meaning: Choose not to be part of something
Example: Under the agreement the Vietnamese can opt out at any time.

Order about

Meaning: Boss or command someone in an unpleasant way
Example: You can have special order about the floating object and the shape of the display frame according to customer design.

Order around

Meaning: Boss or command someone in an unpleasant way
Example: He orders his staff around all the time.

Order in

Meaning: Have food delivered
Example: The salesclerks ranged the goods in good order in the shop-windows.

Order out

Meaning: Expel someone
Example: The governor decided to order out the National Guard.

Order out for

Meaning: Have food delivered
Example: We ordered out for pizza.

Order up

Meaning: Arrange to have something supplied or delivered
Example: Maybe do it again, order up a bit of nosh and champagne.

Own up

Meaning: Confess
Example: The headmaster is waiting for someone to own up.

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