Phrasal Verbs Starting With S

Phrasal verbs start with ‘S’ (Phrasal Verbs With S). A Phrasal verb like Sack out, Saddle up, Saddle with, Sag off, Sail into, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With S

Sack out

Meaning: Fall asleep
Example: We watched a video and sacked out on the couch.

Saddle up

Meaning: Put a saddle on and prepare an animal to ride
Example: We got the order to saddle up just after dawn.

Saddle with

Meaning: Give someone a task or responsibility that is difficult or hard work
Example: A lightweight, hornless saddle with a steel cantle and pommel, a padded leather seat, and full side flaps usually set forward.

Sag off

Meaning: Not go to school or work, or leave early when you shouldn’t
Example: I was bored so I sagged off work early and went home.

Sail into

Meaning: Criticise angrily
Example: We sailed into the bay and dropped anchor in five fathoms of water.

Sail through

Meaning: Pass easily, succeed
Example: The imaginary central point in the sail through which the power of the sail acts.

Sally forth

Meaning: Leave somewhere safe or comfortable
Example: We need, therefore, to sally forth once more into the mathematical jungle of vector spaces.

Sally out

Meaning: Leave somewhere safe or comfortable
Example: Sally out of tea so she made a cup of coffee.

Salt away

Meaning: Save money
Example: She salted away most of the profit from the business.

Save on

Meaning: Reduce or avoid consumption to cut costs
Example: Thus, visitors save on the costs of searching out good information.

Save up

Meaning: For money for a particular purpose
Example: It took me ages to save up enough money to go travelling.

Save up

Meaning: Collect or store something for future use
Example: A thrifty business can save up its profits and reinvest them in the company.

Saw off

Meaning: To remove something by cutting it with a saw
Example: The company saw off the threat of a takeover.

Saw up

Meaning: Cut into pieces with a saw
Example: The able-bodied had to saw up old railway sleepers and then chop up the pieces for sale as firewood.

Scale back

Meaning: Make something smaller than originally planned
Example: Despite current price advantage, UK manufacturers are still having to scale back production.

Scale back

Meaning: Reduce the activity or expenditure in your life
Example: The Republican majority has backed away from plans to dramatically scale back the food stamp program.

Scale down

Meaning: Make something smaller than originally planned
Example: A shortage of money has forced them to scale down the project.

Scale up

Meaning: Increase, make bigger
Example: My company is scaling up its operations in the Middle East.

Scare away

Meaning: Frighten someone some much that they go away
Example: The railway company feared it would scare away passengers.

Scare off

Meaning: Make someone so frightened that he or she away
Example: U.S. companies fear the red tape will scare off customers.

Scratch around for

Meaning: Search for something that is hard to find
Example: The press are scratching around for a story to attack him.

Screen off

Meaning: Separate a part of a room with something like a curtain, screen, etc.
Example: We can screen off part of the room and use it as a temporary office.

Screen out

Meaning: Exclude
Example: An answering service can screen out nuisance calls.

Screw around

Meaning: Waste time
Example: He spent the afternoon Screwing around and got nothing done.

Screw around

Meaning: Be sexually promiscuous
Example: He Screwed around a lot at university.

Screw over

Meaning: Treat harshly or cheat
Example: The IRS really Screwed him over.

Screw up

Meaning: Do badly or fail
Example: It might somehow screw up his next project.

Scuzz up

Meaning: Spiil, ruin, contaminate
Example: Don’t Scuzz up the deal.

Seek out

Meaning: Search for something until you find it
Example: Now is the time for local companies to seek out business opportunities in Europe.

Sell off

Meaning: Sell a business or part of it
Example: The government’s plans to sell off state companies in several easily digestible tranches should also help.

Sell on

Meaning: Convince someone
Example: Do not sell on any account until further advice.

Sell out

Meaning: Have no more of something left because it has been bought
Example: I’ve decided to sell out and go and live in the country.

Sell up

Meaning: Sell a house or business to move somewhere or do something different
Example: He advised Evans to sell up his flat and move away to the country.

Shack up

Meaning: Live with someone when you are in a relationship.
Example: It turned out she was shacked up with a lawyer in New York.

Shade in

Meaning: Make a part of a picture darker
Example: Most desert animals reduce water loss by finding shade in some form or other.

Shade out

Meaning: Leave a place without saying goodbye
Example: The party was so dull that I decided to Shade out.

Shake down

Meaning: Search
Example: Give the new arrangements time to shake down – I’m sure they’ll be OK.

Shake down

Meaning: Extort or cheat money from someone
Example: Shake down the duplicating and overlapping administrative organs.

Shake off

Meaning: Get rid of an illness
Example: Businessmen are trying to shake off habits learned under six decades of a protected economy.

Shake out

Meaning: Shake clothes, cloths, etc to remove dirt or creases
Example: The committee needs to be shaken out to get rid of some of the elderly members.

Shake up

Meaning: Upset or shock
Example: The government wanted to reform the institutions, to shake up the country.

Shape up

Meaning: Develop in a positive way
Example: You’d better get rid of that attitude and shape up, young man.

Share in

Meaning: Have a part in a project, activity, etc
Example: Each partner is entitled to share in the profits of the business.

Share out

Meaning: Divide and distribute
Example: The company will share out $1.3 billion among 500,000 policyholders.

Shave by

Meaning: Reduce by a certain amount
Example: Had a close shave by the looks of you.

Shave from

Meaning: Remove, cut off
Example: She Shaved a bit from the window so it would open.

Shave off

Meaning: Shave completely
Example: I wish he’d shave off that awful beard!

Shave off

Meaning: Reduce by a small amount
Example: He also wants to restrict how much time inmates can shave off their sentences for good behavior or working in prison.

Shell out

Meaning: Spend money on something, especially when you think it’s too expensive
Example: Advertisers to shell out a lot of money for this targeting.

Ship off

Meaning: Send someone away, often because of a problem
Example: The disk coned as it began to pull the ship off the deck.

Shop around

Meaning: Look around for the best price, quality, etc.
Example: There’s a little gift shop around the corner.

Shore up

Meaning: Support something to make it stronger
Example: They tried to shore up the failing economy by means of tax increases.

Short out

Meaning: Short circuit
Example: Depending on what type of dust it is, it just might short out a vital area of the motherboard.

Shout down

Meaning: Make so much noise to stop someone being heard
Example: Speakers have been shouted down, classes disrupted, teachers made to grovel.

Shout out

Meaning: Say something loudly, often to attract someone’s attention
Example: When I call your name, shout out so that we know you’re here.

Shrug off

Meaning: Disregard something, not consider it important or harmful
Example: The team have been able to shrug off their recent failures and perform well.

Shy away

Meaning: Retreat or shrink from something unpleasant or frightening
Example: Agencies without a clear-cut wartime role will shy away from conflicts.

Shy away from

Meaning: Avoid doing something because you lack confidence
Example: Politicians shy away from hints that they may be complacent.

Side with

Meaning: Support someone
Example: Local citizens worked side by side with emergency crews to pull their neighbors out of the rubble.

Sidle up to

Meaning: Approach someone discreetly
Example: This will help prevent you from inhaling three bags of crisps and a bucket of nuts when you sidle up to the bar.

Sift through

Meaning: Examine a lot of things carefully
Example: It will take a while to sift through all these magazines.

Simmer down

Meaning: Become calmer, make less noise
Example: I will talk with you after simmer down.

Simmer down

Meaning: Become less excited, noisy or angry
Example: Children, recess is over , so simmer down and take your seats, please.

Sing along

Meaning: To sing when a piece of music is being played or performed by someone else.
Example: I like songs that you can sing along to, and you can remember.

Sing out

Meaning: Reply loudly
Example: A fairly neutral background will make any small splash of colour sing out with particular vibrancy and significance.

Sing up

Meaning: Sing louder
Example: Sing up , fellows, this is supposed to be a celebration, not a funeral!

Single out

Meaning: Select or choose one from a group
Example: They single out an old, young, or infirm animal and only then start the chase.

Sink in

Meaning: Slowly come to be understood
Example: Those who let a person to sink in things, is a good start.

Size up

Meaning: Assess a situation or person carefully.
Example: We must size up the situation before we decide what to do.

Size up

Meaning: Make something bigger or produce bigger products
Example: The aim is to size up the situation and deal with a number of conspicuous cases.

Skeeve out

Meaning: Disgust, unsettle
Example: His behaviour skeeves me out.

Skin up

Meaning: Make a cannabis joint
Example: Do you know that this unique shower gel actually leaves your skin up to 28% smoother?

Skive off

Meaning: Avoid doing work or other duty
Example: Statistics reveal those from poor families are three times as likely to skive off than better-off pupils.

Slack off

Meaning: Reduce one’s effort, perform with less enthusiasm and energy
Example: It’s natural to slack off towards the end of a hard day’s work.

Slacken off

Meaning: Become less busy or intense
Example: Slacken off the line, and pull the fishing rod towards you.

Slag off

Meaning: Criticise heavily
Example: All bands slag off their record companies. It’s just the way it is.

Slant toward

Meaning: Favour one viewpoint, bias
Example: That travel magazine is totally Slanted toward the ultra-rich.

Slice off

Meaning: Cut, remove an amount or part of something
Example: Once completed the pot can be sliced off the wheel with a wire.

Slice up

Meaning: Cut completely into pieces or slices
Example: Slice up the onions and add them to the meat.

Slob about

Meaning: Be lazy, do nothing
Example: I Slobbed about all day as I couldn’t be bothered to do any work.

Slob around

Meaning: Be lazy, do nothing
Example: I spent the day Slobbing around at home.

Slope off

Meaning: Leave somewhere without letting others know
Example: He always slope off when there’s something to do.

Slough off

Meaning: Get rid of, dispose
Example: The president wanted to slough off the country’s bad image.

Slough off

Meaning: Lose or shed outer layers of skin
Example: The president wanted to slough off the country’s bad image.

Slow down

Meaning: Reduce speed
Example: Slow down – you’re breaking the speed limit.

Slow down

Meaning: Become less active
Example: Their rate of metabolism may slow down.

Slow up

Meaning: Slow the progress of something
Example: The introduction of a new code of criminal procedure has also slowed up the system.

Slug it out

Meaning: Fight or argue
Example: These two sides would slug it out, and a practical solution would emerge somewhere between the two positions.

Smack of

Meaning: Appear to have a negative quality
Example: Authoritarians do not apologize for the smack of firm government.

Smash down

Meaning: Demolish or break something down
Example: They got a battering ram to smash down the door.

Smash in

Meaning: Break something by hitting it repeatedly
Example: Only one very quiet pub and no shop windows to smash in after they’ve got drunk.

Smash up

Meaning: Destroy, break into many pieces
Example: The thieves not only stole the jewels, but smashed up most of the valuable furniture in the room.

Smoke out

Meaning: Force someone out of a place they’re hiding in
Example: The police are determined to smoke out the leaders of the gang.

Snaffle up

Meaning: Consume, take, buy something other people may want
Example: They Snaffled up all the food before we got there.

Snap off

Meaning: Break a piece off something
Example: The branch snapped off under the weight of the snow.

Snap out of

Meaning: Control negative emotions
Example: If it were possible to snap out of depression simply by making a proper effort, that illness would disappear.

Snap to it!

Meaning: Do something quickly
Example: The heat shimmering over the asphalt had no snap to it; time drifted by.

Snap up

Meaning: Get, acquire or buy something quickly
Example: The tickets for the concert were snapped up within three hours of going on sale.

Snarl up

Meaning: Entangle
Example: They’re going to give us the information, but it keeps getting snarled up in paperwork.

Sneak out

Meaning: Depart furtively
Example: Sometimes he would sneak out of his house late at night to be with me.

Sneak up on

Meaning: Approach someone furtively
Example: They tries to sneak up on your wives and your daughters.

Sneeze at

Meaning: To dismiss casually, usually used negatively
Example: The sum of money is nothing to sneeze at.

Sniff around

Meaning: Look around to see how good something is or to try to find something better
Example: I wanted to sniff around a little, and I always do that better on my own, without distractions.

Sniff at

Meaning: Disapprove or be scornful
Example: At first the dog may only sniff at them but you should soon be able to encourage it to play with them.

Sniff out

Meaning: Find something by smell (usually for dogs)
Example: A police dog, trained to sniff out explosives, found evidence of a bomb in the apartment.

Sniff out

Meaning: Find out information, especially when people don’t want anyone to know
Example: At a fairly young age I learnt to sniff out danger and step into choppy conversations to skilfully avert disaster.

Snitch on

Meaning: Divulge secrets, inform authorities about someone
Example: They considered it a crime to snitch on one of their own group to the teacher.

Snuff out

Meaning: Extinguish a small flame by covering it
Example: The recent rebound in mortgage rates could snuff out the housing recovery.

Snuff out

Meaning: Kill
Example: Some have drawn up guidelines to snuff out only the most potent forms.

Snuggle up

Meaning: Lie or press yourself closely to someone
Example: Snuggle up on the couch under a quilt and hot chocolate and read to him.

Snuggle up to

Meaning: Lie or press yourself closely to someone
Example: Baby can snuggle up to the singing , breathing, synthetic bear.

Soak up

Meaning: Absorb
Example: There’ll be ample opportunity to relax, swim and soak up some sun.

Sober up

Meaning: Stop showing the effects of alcohol or drugs
Example: They tried to get her to sober up by offering some coffee and food.

Sock away

Meaning: Save money in a bank account, investment, etc
Example: She’s socked a fortune away over the last few years.

Sock in

Meaning: Close access to a place because of bad weather
Example: Put a sock in it! I want this stuff moved before the end of the morning.

Soften up

Meaning: Weaken
Example: Potential customers are softened up with free gifts before the sales talk.

Soldier on

Meaning: Continue even when things get difficult
Example: The larger ones hope to soldier on as independent producers.

Sort out

Meaning: Resolve a problem
Example: Sort out things you want to keep and throw everything else away.

Sound off

Meaning: To express your opinions forcefully
Example: Supervisors sound off Yee plans to introduce just such a resolution at the Board of Supervisors, which would endorse Prop.

Sound out

Meaning: Check what someone thinks about an issue, idea, etc.
Example: They want to sound out his opinion before they approach him formally.

Space out

Meaning: Become detached from reality and unaware of what is happening around you, usually through drug use
Example: Mothers were being advised to try to space out their pregnancies.

Spaff away

Meaning: Waste (money, time, resources, etc)
Example: The council is Spaffing away our taxes on bonuses and consultants.

Spark off

Meaning: Cause something, usually unpleasant, to happen
Example: Local fighting might spark off a major war.

Spark up

Meaning: Light a cigarette or joint
Example: They sparked up in a no smoking area.

Speak out

Meaning: Talk openly and freely
Example: He had dared to speak out against injustice, and overnight he became a national hero.

Speak to

Meaning: Comment, make a statement
Example: The President agreed to speak to the waiting journalists.

Speak up

Meaning: Talk more loudly
Example: Please speak up so that the people at the back of the room can hear you.

Speed up

Meaning: Move faster
Example: Exercise is supposed to speed up your metabolism.

Speed up

Meaning: Make something faster
Example: Increasing gravity is known to speed up the multiplication of cells.

Spell out

Meaning: Explain something in great detail
Example: The government has so far refused to spell out its plans/policies.

Spell out

Meaning: Write or say the individual letters that make up a word
Example: All he wants is to ask me to spell out the features of the new product.

Spew out

Meaning: Expel, throw out
Example: She stretched open her mouth, screamed, then spewed out the great twisting branch.

Spew up

Meaning: Vomit
Example: He Spewed up when he was drunk.

Spice up

Meaning: Add spices or herbs to increase flavour
Example: He never forgot to spice up the talks with coarse jokes.

Spice up

Meaning: Make something more interesting or exciting
Example: Some other ways salsa can spice up a dish: Top a baked potato or macaroni and cheese.

Spiff up

Meaning: Make something smart or more presentable
Example: In fact, your personal work documentation is a great way to look for ideas to spiff up your resume.

Spike up

Meaning: Increase sharply
Example: Interest rates spiked up after the news.

Spill out

Meaning: When large numbers of people leave a place at the same time
Example: Students began to spill out of the building, others to stream in.

Spill out

Meaning: Come or flow out of a box, container, etc
Example: A torrent of rationalizations spill out of him in monologues, especially on pardons and terrorism.

Spill over

Meaning: When something bad has a wider impact on other people or situations
Example: The conflict threatens to spill over into neighbouring regions.

Spin around

Meaning: Turn to face the opposite direction
Example: A touch on her shoulder made her spin around.

Spin off

Meaning: Produce an unexpected additional benefit
Example: The company is trying to spin off part of its business.

Spin out

Meaning: Lose control (vehicle)
Example: The Government will try to spin out the conference into next autumn.

Spirit away

Meaning: Remove someone secretly from a place
Example: The pop-star was spirited away at the end of the concert before her fans could get near her.

Spirit off

Meaning: Remove someone secretly from a place
Example: But if slight spirit off the rails, still can accept.

Spit it out

Meaning: An informal way of telling someone to say something they are unwilling to say
Example: You always had to spit it out and shove it down the back of some chair.

Spit out

Meaning: Say something angrily
Example: You’d better to spit out the seeds in your palm, and then put them on the plate.

Splash down

Meaning: Land in the sea (space capsules)
Example: They are due to splash down in the Pacific tomorrow.

Splash out

Meaning: Spend a lot of money on something that is not essential
Example: We’re going to splash out and buy a new car.

Splash out on

Meaning: Spend a lot of money on something
Example: You can also splash out on extra nitro-injectors, giving a short but effective blast of speed.

Split up

Meaning: Divide into groups
Example: Research suggests that children whose parents split up are more likely to drop out of high school.

Spoil for

Meaning: Really want something
Example: He’s been Spoiling for an argument all day.

Sponge down

Meaning: Clean something with a sponge
Example: The seat fabrics are very durable and easy to sponge down.

Sponge off

Meaning: Accept free food and support without any shame or qualms
Example: There must be a growing realization among younger people that sponging off the state is no longer possible.

Sponge on

Meaning: Accept or get money without doing any work
Example: Many people sponge on the kindness of others.

Spruce up

Meaning: To smarten, make something neat and tidy
Example: They’ve employed an advertising agency to spruce up the company image.

Spur on

Meaning: Encourage someone to continue
Example: They may hope that retrenchment now will spur on private spending.

Squeeze up

Meaning: Get more people into a space than normal or comfortable
Example: There’ll be enough room if we all squeeze up a little.

Stack up

Meaning: Put things in a pile
Example: How does this final presidential debate stack up and compare to the others, do you think?

Stack up against

Meaning: Be as good as something
Example: Check out this chart to see how your favorite stars stack up against their real – life counterparts.

Staff up

Meaning: Employ someone for something specific
Example: They haven’t Staffed the project up yet.

Stamp out

Meaning: Get rid of something
Example: The government must act to stamp out interracial hatred and violence.

Stare down

Meaning: Look at someone until they cannot look at you
Example: Greg stared down from the seventh floor and began to feel giddy.

Stash away

Meaning: Store or hide something in a safe place
Example: She has a fortune stashed away in various bank accounts.

Stave in

Meaning: Push or break something inwards
Example: A couple of teenagers were trying to stave in our shed door.

Stave off

Meaning: Delay, prevent something from happening
Example: The company managed to stave off bankruptcy for another few months.

Steer clear of

Meaning: Avoid
Example: The rabbis try to steer clear of political questions.

Stem from

Meaning: Originate, be caused by
Example: Most people’s insecurities stem from something that happened in their childhood.

Stiffen up

Meaning: Become rigid
Example: Roberts was bought in to stiffen up our side after we’d suffered the humiliation of relegation.

Stir up

Meaning: Make trouble for someone else
Example: Their aim was to stir up feeling against the war.

Stitch together

Meaning: Make a deal, create something quickly and without attention to detail
Example: In ten years, they have been able to stitch together a national network of banks.

Stitch up

Meaning: Sew something so that it is closed
Example: The surgeon would pick up his instruments, probe, repair and stitch up again.

Stomp off

Meaning: Leave somewhere angrily
Example: Did Parks stomp off in a huff like some injured prima donna, some egomaniac?

Stomp on

Meaning: Treat badly or defeat
Example: This is another example of the big companies joining together to stomp on small businesses.

Store up

Meaning: Memorise or commit something to memory for later use
Example: Some animals store up food for the winter.

Store up

Meaning: Do something that will probably cause problems later
Example: Graduating seniors also store up memories by signing each other’s year books and attending graduation parties.

Storm off

Meaning: Leave a place angrily
Example: It also bears a painting of a ship beating against a terrible storm off a rocky coast.

Storm out

Meaning: Leave a place angrily
Example: She smacked her books down on the table and stormed out of the room.

Stow away

Meaning: Hide in a vehicle to travel without people knowing
Example: I’m very hungry, and I can now stow away an ox.

Straighten out

Meaning: Make something straight
Example: I subvert the entire world, only to straighten out your reflection.

Straighten up

Meaning: Stand straight
Example: Straighten up slowly, then repeat the exercise ten times.

Straighten up

Meaning: Tidy
Example: You’d better straighten up or you’ll never make it out of high school.

Stretch out

Meaning: Lie down with your limbs extended in a relaxed manner
Example: The jacuzzi was too small to stretch out in.

Stretch to

Meaning: Manage to supply an amount of money even though it is more than you would like to give or pay
Example: A thing of wonder, they stretch to the skies, and can seem for a time great catacombs of effort.

Stretcher off

Meaning: Carry an injured player off the pitch, field, etc.
Example: He was Stretchered off with a broken ankle.

String along

Meaning: Deceive someone for a long time
Example: Take my advice – string along with me, I know this business inside out.

String out

Meaning: Make something last as long as possible
Example: The players were told to string out across the field.

String together

Meaning: Put words together into a coherent text
Example: They string together image after image until the documentary is completed.

String up

Meaning: Hang somebody
Example: They strung up some lanterns among the trees.

Stub out

Meaning: Extinguish a cigarette
Example: The full ashtrays testify that smoking hasn’t been stubbed out.

Stuff up

Meaning: Make a mistake, do badly, spoil
Example: A writer gets to make stuff up, while a journalist rewrites press releases.

Stumble across

Meaning: Find something accidentally
Example: They stumble across a ghost town inhabited by a rascally gold prospector.

Stumble upon

Meaning: Find something accidentally
Example: Workmen stumbled upon the mosaic while digging foundations for a new building.

Stump up

Meaning: Pay for something
Example: Customers do not have to stump up any cash for at least four weeks.

Suck in

Meaning: Become involved in something unpleasant
Example: Good writers suck in what they see of the world, re-creating their own universe on the page.

Suck into

Meaning: Become involved in something unpleasant
Example: The country got Sucked into the war.

Suck up

Meaning: Try to ingratiate yourself
Example: She was noisily sucking up milk through a straw.

Suck up to

Meaning: Ingratiate yourself with someone
Example: She suck up to him by agree with everything he say.

Suit up

Meaning: Get dressed or put on a uniform for an activity or task
Example: Suit up,and go to the restaurant with me.

Sum up

Meaning: Summarise
Example: We can sum up the main point of the lesson in three sentences.

Summon up

Meaning: Get the energy or courage to do something
Example: Even our own wets will summon up the courage to table a question or two.

Suss out

Meaning: Come to understand
Example: So look to the future and suss out the science of beauty.

Swallow up

Meaning: Take control of something much smaller, like a company or state
Example: The idea is not that one party should swallow up the other.

Swallow up

Meaning: Consume or take a lot of time, money, etc
Example: There was no gaping dark hole that would swallow up bad people.

Swan about

Meaning: Move in a dramatic or affected manner
Example: He Swanned about at the party.

Swan around

Meaning: Move in a dramatic or affected manner
Example: They decided to swan around Italy this summer.

Swan in

Meaning: Enter in a dramatic or attention-seeking manner
Example: An unhappy duckling grows into a beautiful swan in this magical fairytale.

Swan off

Meaning: Leave somewhere in a defiant or pompous manner
Example: He didn’t like the way the spoke to him so he Swanned off angrily.

Swear by

Meaning: Have great confidence in
Example: Many people swear by vitamin C’s ability to ward off colds.

Swear down

Meaning: Promise that something is true
Example: He swore down that he hadn’t done it.

Swear in

Meaning: Take an oath to hold a public office
Example: Only after four days could the president swear in a replacement.

Swear off

Meaning: Decide to stop doing something, usually something harmful
Example: Three days, someone swear off to smoking.

Sweep through

Meaning: Pass easily, succeed
Example: The line will sweep through a plane, and the circles will sweep through spheres.

Sweep through

Meaning: Move quickly through
Example: They watched the flames sweep through the old wooden barn.

Swing around

Meaning: Change your opinion quickly
Example: Throwing caution to the winds, she swung around to face him.

Swing at

Meaning: Try to hit
Example: I often want to take a swing at someone to relieve my feelings.

Swing by

Meaning: Visit a person or place on your way somewhere
Example: Do you think someone could swing by my house and get my electric toothbrush?

Swing round

Meaning: Change your opinion quickly
Example: His reflex action was to bend and swing round violently, and I was thrown to the ground.

Swing round

Meaning: Turn around quickly
Example: They were against it at first then swung round and supported it.

Switch off

Meaning: Stop a machine or something electrical working
Example: Switch off the electric current before touching that machine.

Switch on

Meaning: Start a machine or something electrical working
Example: I felt for the electric light switch on the wall and turned it on.

Switch on

Meaning: Feel an emotion of behave in a certain way
Example: I couldn’t find the off switch on the remote control.

Switch over

Meaning: Change from one provider or source to another
Example: I just happened to switch over although I haven’t been watching the Olympics.

Syphon off

Meaning: Take business, support or votes from someone
Example: The candidate syphoned off a lot of votes because of his anti-war stance.

Syphon off

Meaning: Divert money illegally
Example: The minister had been syphoning off funds from his department for years.

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