Phrasal Verbs Starting With T

Phrasal verbs start with ‘T’ (Phrasal Verbs With T). A Phrasal verb like Tack on, Tack onto, Tag along, Tag on, Tag onto, Tag with, Tail away, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With T

Tack on

Meaning: Add something that wasn’t planned
Example: The poems were tacked on at the end of the book.

Tack onto

Meaning: Add or attach something that wasn’t planned to something
Example: I tacked a quick message onto the end of the letter after I’d printed it.

Tag along

Meaning: Accompany someone, especially if they haven’t specifically invited you
Example: I let him tag along because he had not been too well recently.

Tag on

Meaning: Add an additional point to something written or spoken
Example: The price – tag on the new fighter plane was too high for the government.

Tag onto

Meaning: Add an additional point to something written or spoken
Example: He tagged his ideas onto the end of my report.

Tag with

Meaning: Add a keyword link or bookmark to a blog entry or web-page
Example: It plays tag with the wind. September is a changeling busy as a squirrel in a hickory tree, idle as a languid brook.

Tail away

Meaning: Become silent or inaudible
Example: Sportsmen stay in their cars and wait for the wind to tail away.

Tail back

Meaning: Form a traffic jam
Example: I stuffed my shirt tail back into my trousers and tried to straighten my tie.

Tail off

Meaning: Become silent or inaudible
Example: The number of tourists starts to tail off in October.

Tail off

Meaning: Decrease
Example: The crews work their tail off and then only get six hours of rest a day.

Taper off

Meaning: Gradually become smaller or weaker until stopping
Example: We should taper off the amount of time given to work.

Team up

Meaning: Work with someone or a group to achieve something
Example: You can team up with one other class member if you want.

Tee off

Meaning: Start or launch an event
Example: When will the professor tee off his law course?

Tee off

Meaning: Place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole.
Example: In a few hours time most of the world’s top golfers tee off in the US Masters.

Tee off on

Meaning: Criticise
Example: He teed off on the Labour Government’s policies.

Tee up

Meaning: Place a golf ball on a short plastic or wooden stick before hitting it at the start of a hole.
Example: Tee up a golf ball with tips from a master golf instructor in this free video on golf.

Tee up

Meaning: Make preparations before starting or launching something
Example: It’s important at the start of a game to tee up very carefully.

Tell apart

Meaning: See a difference between two things
Example: The desktop computer grew in power and user friendliness until it was increasingly hard to tell apart from the workstation.

Tell off

Meaning: Chide; talk angrily to someone about something they’ve done wrong.
Example: He’s sitting in his bedroom snivelling because he was told off for not doing his homework.

Tell on

Meaning: Report someone to an authority
Example: A succession of late nights had begun to tell on him and his work was suffering.

Tense up

Meaning: Become nervous, tense or unable to relax
Example: Work swiftly, but don’t tense up; relax your body and mind and never tighten up.

Text out

Meaning: Cancel an appointment by sending a text message
Example: I was feeling too tired to go and texted out.

Think over

Meaning: Consider something carefully
Example: Think over and you’ll find out that you are wrong.

Think through

Meaning: Consider all the possibilities and outcomes of a situation
Example: People need time to think through what the changes will mean for them.

Think up

Meaning: Create or invent something, especially when lying
Example: Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to promote products.

Thrash out

Meaning: Discuss for a long time until an agreement is reached
Example: The foreign ministers have thrashed out a suitable compromise formula.

Tickle up

Meaning: Improve a document
Example: I paid a company to Tickle up my CV before I applied.

Tide over

Meaning: Use something carefully so as not to finish it
Example: They decided to issue more banknotes to tide over their difficulties.

Tidy up

Meaning: Put things in the correct place in a room
Example: The kitchen was also easier to tidy up as there were no dishes heaped on the draining board.

Tighten up

Meaning: Make something more secure or function better
Example: Green wants teachers to tighten up on student attendance.

Time out

Meaning: End or close because of a time limit
Example: The president took time out of his busy schedule to visit our school.

Time out

Meaning: End or close something because of a time limit
Example: Older people spend less time out of the house, on the street where the bulk of criminal activity occurs.

Tip off

Meaning: Secretly inform the police or authorities
Example: The robber was caught when someone tipped off the police.

Tip over

Meaning: Spill, make something fall on its side
Example: Although the ship started to tip over , she soon righted herself.

Tire of

Meaning: Get bored of something
Example: There are plenty of restaurants for those who tire of shopping.

Tire out

Meaning: Make someone exhausted
Example: The old veteran could tire out the most robust sportsman.

Toddle off

Meaning: Leave, go home
Example: We’d open our mouths to remonstrate. He’d toddle off.

Tone down

Meaning: Make something sound more moderate
Example: You should tone down the red colour in your painting.

Tone in with

Meaning: Combine in a pleasing way
Example: Choose shades which tone in with your natural colouring.

Tone up

Meaning: Make stronger or firmer
Example: Adjust the balance of hormone, tone up lust, improve sex fraise and sterility.

Tool up

Meaning: Provide equipment
Example: It took them almost a month to tool up for the production of these models.

Tool up

Meaning: Arm yourself or somebody
Example: Damon Macready Tool up, honey bunny. It’s time to get bad guys.

Tootle off

Meaning: Leave, depart
Example: It’s getting late, so we’re going to Tootle off home.

Top off

Meaning: Finish something in a special way
Example: Top off with a concrete mix to fix the supports securely Nail the cross members to join the two sides.

Top off

Meaning: Fill something completely that is not empty
Example: They cut the top off the pumpkin and clean out the seeds.

Top out

Meaning: Stop increasing, reach the highest point
Example: When we top out, there will be souvenirs for everyone who has worked on the site.

Top up

Meaning: Refill something that isn’t empty yet
Example: This is the easiest way to top up your mobile phone card.

Torque up

Meaning: Excite, inflame
Example: Many people are Torqued up about immigration.

Total up

Meaning: Add things to create a final amount
Example: At the end of the game, total up everyone’s score to see who has won.

Toughen up

Meaning: Make stronger
Example: The city council is determined to toughen up the fight against crime.

Tow away

Meaning: Remove a vehicle, especially if parked illegally
Example: Besides joint strip gally we you still are met what ! Bovine B you tow away!

Toy around with

Meaning: Treat or deal with something without taking it seriously
Example: They Toyed around with our complaint and pretty much ignored us.

Toy at

Meaning: Pretend to think about or think about in a casual way
Example: Carol won a large soft toy at a sideshow at the fair.

Toy over

Meaning: Think about something
Example: I Toyed over the idea for a while, but decided not to go ahead with it.

Toy with

Meaning: Not eat much of a meal
Example: Many owners toy with the idea of breeding their own foal from a much-loved mare.

Toy with

Meaning: Consider something, but not very seriously
Example: Indeed, he began to toy with the idea of going for broke.

Track down

Meaning: Find after a long search
Example: Experts are trying to track down the source of the contamination in the water supply.

Train up

Meaning: Teach someone the specific skills they will need to carry out a job or task
Example: We will train up these children to be good citizens.

Trickle down

Meaning: Pass benefits from economic expansion through the economy to the less fortunate
Example: Wealth is failing to trickle down through society.

Trickle up

Meaning: When financial benefits given to poor people or small businesses pass on to the wealthy
Example: Without a smart central controller, control can trickle up from the bottom.

Trigger off

Meaning: Make someone angry
Example: Wire the thermometers up to trigger off an alarm bell if the temperature drops.

Trigger off

Meaning: Start, set off
Example: Nuts can trigger off a violent allergic reaction.

Trip out

Meaning: Be under the influence of psychoactive drugs
Example: My previous trip out of the country was to Europe. This time I went to Africa.

Trip over

Meaning: Fall
Example: Mind you, don’t trip over these roots; they’re difficult to see under all these leaves.

Trip over

Meaning: Fall because you hit an obstacle
Example: I trip over a log and fall but don’t hurt myself.

Trip up

Meaning: Make a mistake
Example: Every year, we faithfully make a trip up there to see him.

Trot off

Meaning: Leave
Example: The meeting was over so I Trotted off.

Trot off to

Meaning: Go somewhere
Example: I Trotted off to see the dentist.

Trot out

Meaning: Make a statement (meant negatively)
Example: You trot out that argument whenever I try to discuss this matter with you.

Trudge through

Meaning: Do something slowly, with difficulty, unwillingly or considerable effort
Example: And we trudge through the winter and into the spring of the first bombing year.

Trump up

Meaning: Charge or accuse someone falsely
Example: Every time John is late getting home he trumps up some new excuse.

Tuck away

Meaning: Put something in a safe place
Example: The extra income has meant Phillippa can tuck away the rent.

Tuck away

Meaning: Eat a lot
Example: Others are struggling tuck away more money now because the recession has depleted their net worth.

Tuck in

Meaning: Tidy the ends of items of clothing by placing them inside something
Example: We could take a tuck in the waist to give it a more fitted look.

Tuck into

Meaning: Start eating something
Example: Next time you tuck into a freshly roasted turkey, give thanks to high-energy physics.

Tuck up

Meaning: Arrange the sheets, duvet or blankets to make someone, usually a child, comfortable in bed
Example: She tucked up her voluminous skirts to make room for Jane beside her.

Tune in

Meaning: Watch or listen to a TV or radio show
Example: More than six million youngsters tune in to Blockbusters every day.

Tune in to

Meaning: Watch or listen to a TV or radio programme
Example: Don’t forget to tune in to our special election programme this evening.

Tune out

Meaning: Ignore, not pay attention
Example: Instead of either changing or performing, people tune out.

Tune up

Meaning: Improve the performance of a machine or engine
Example: All the musical instruments had been tuned up before the concert began.

Turf out

Meaning: Force someone to leave
Example: We hear stories of people being turfed out and ending up on the streets.

Turf out

Meaning: Get rid of, throw away
Example: The families claim they are being turfed out of their homes.

Type in

Meaning: Enter computer data or text
Example: If you type in the search string ‘ing’, the computer will find all the words containing ‘ing’.

Type out

Meaning: Write a full or finished version of a text on a computer
Example: Her typewriter clacked noisily as she typed out the letter.

Type up

Meaning: Type a finished version
Example: Could you type up the minutes from the meeting, please?

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