Phrasal verbs starting with the letter A

Abide by

Meaning: Accept or follow a decision or rule
Example: They have to abide by the house rules, including a strict curfew.

Account for

Meaning: Give a reason or an explanation
Example: I hope you can account for all the money you spent!

Ache for

Meaning: Want something or someone a lot
My partner’s been away for a fortnight- I am Aching for her.

Add on

Meaning: Include in a calculation
Many loan application forms automatically add on insurance.

Add up

Meaning: to add two or more numbers in order to find the total amount
The various building programs add up to several thousand new homes.

Add up to

Meaning: If two or more numbers add up to another number, this is the total you get if you add them together.
The numbers add up to exactly 100.

Advise against

Meaning: recommend not doing something
The doctor advised him against carrying heavy loads.

Agree with

Meaning: Have the same opinion as some else
I agree with you to a certain degree.

Aim at

Meaning: point something in the direction of a target
Our products aim at improving your English skills.

Allow for

Meaning: Include something in a plan or calculation
The existing rules allow for some flexibility.

Allow of

Meaning: Make possible, permit
The facts allow of only one explanation.

Amount to

Meaning: Reach; be equivalent to
The total sales of the company didn’t amount to more than a few million dollars.

Amp up

Meaning: Increase the power, excite, arouse
The people are amped up about the referendum.

Angle for

Meaning: Try to get something indirectly, by hinting or suggesting
There are no big fish left to angle for.

Argue down

Meaning: Beat someone in a debate, discussion, or argument
She argued him down ten percent.

Argue out

Meaning: Argue about a problem to find a solution
If we can’t argue our differences out, we’ll have to take them to court.

Appeal to

Meaning: Be attractive or interesting
The party needs to broaden its appeal to voters.

Apply for

Meaning: make a formal request for something
Students apply for admission to a particular college.

Avail (oneself) of

Meaning: Take advantage of something (an opportunity)
When the sales begin you should avail yourself of the opportunity and buy that coat.

Auction off

Meaning: Sell something in an auction
The Army is auctioning off a lot of old equipment.

Average out at

Meaning: Result in an average(amount)
The price of lunch averages out at 10€ per person.

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