Phrasal Verbs Starting With U

Phrasal verbs start with ‘U’ (Phrasal Verbs With U). A Phrasal verb like Urge on, Urge upon, Use up, Usher in, Usher in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With U

Urge on

Meaning: Encourage
Example: Visitors remember a lean, cheerful figure on horseback urging on his men.

Urge upon

Meaning: Persuade or pressure to accept something
Example: They urged the contract upon us.

Use up

Meaning: Finish or consume all of something
Example: Don’t use up all the milk, we need some for breakfast.

Usher in

Meaning: Be at, mark or celebrate an important point in time
Example: The legislation should usher in a host of new opportunities for school leavers.

Usher in

Meaning: Make important changes happen
Example: I had planned to usher in the new decade with a month of abstinence.

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