Phrasal Verbs Starting With Z

Phrasal verbs start with ‘Z’ (Phrasal Verbs With Z). A Phrasal verb like Zero in on, Zero out, Zip around, Zip by, Zip it, Zip up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs Starting With Z

Zero in on

Meaning: Direct or focus attention on
Example: They can zero in on this big wall map and pick any phone they want, and record the conversation.

Zero out

Meaning: Cut off funding for a project
Example: The entry was zeroed out of the database.

Zip around

Meaning: Move quickly
Example: Some of these fellas are several screens high, yet they zip around at lightning speed!

Zip by

Meaning: Pass quickly
Example: You know what it’s like. Sit chatting with a friend, and the hours can zip by.

Zip it

Meaning: Keep quiet, say nothing
Example: This bag’s too full, I can’t zip it shut.

Zip up

Meaning: Keep quiet
Example: These trousers must have shrunk – I can’t do the zip up.

Zone in

Meaning: Pay attention after not doing so
Example: The raid devastated Hitler’s strategically vital industrial zone in the Ruhr by breaching the Eder and Molne dams.

Zone in on

Meaning: Pay attention after not doing so
Example: I Zoned in on what they were saying when they started gossiping.

Zone out

Meaning: Not pay attention
Example: Two further developments are likely to put the rouble zone out of its misery before long.

Zone out

Meaning: Dissociate yourself from a situation
Example: She zoned out during the lecture because it was so boring.

Zonk out

Meaning: Fall asleep
Example: I’ve got to go home and zonk out.

Zoom in

Meaning: Focus more closely
Example: At the beginning of the film, the camera zooms in to show two people sitting by the side of a river.

Zoom in on

Meaning: Focus more closely
Example: The contributors here seem instead keen to zoom in on and ferment nihilistic tendencies, through bleak but listenable insights.

Zoom off

Meaning: Go somewhere quickly
Example: He rushed out of the building and zoomed off in his car.

Zoom out

Meaning: Focus less closely
Example: If you zoom out at this point, we shall get a view of the whole square.

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