Phrasal Verbs With Cast -

Phrasal Verbs With Cast

Cast about for

Meaning: Try to find something
Example: The police cast about for fresh evidence.

Cast around for

Meaning: Try to find something
Example: He cast around for a chair, shoved some papers aside with a foot and perched on the edge of an armchair.

Cast aside

Meaning: Dispose, get rid of, ignore because you no longer like something or someone
Example: He cast aside the newspaper impatiently.

Cast off

Meaning: Dispose, get rid of
Example: The ship was scheduled to cast off at 8pm.

Cast off

Meaning: Untie a boat so it’s free to sail
Example: Mr Brown cast off his daughter when she married an old rich man.

Cast out

Meaning: Expel, reject
Example: The villagers had been cast out of their homes.

Cast round for

Meaning: Try to find something
Example: Finding himself with nine months to kill between school and university he cast round for a job.

Cast up

Meaning: Be left on the shore by the sea
Example: A whale bone was cast up on the beach.

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