Phrasal Verbs With Catch

Catch at

Meaning: Take or grab hold of something
Example: A drowning man will catch at a straw.

Catch on

Meaning: Become popular
Example: I wonder if the game will ever catch on with young people?

Catch on

Meaning: Finally understand what is going on
Example: I can’t open the catch on this bracelet.

Catch out

Meaning: Trick
Example: Many investors were caught out by the collapse of the company.

Catch out

Meaning: Discover or prove that someone is lying
Example: Two of the team were caught out in the first innings.

Catch up

Meaning: Get work, etc, up to date.
Example: He loves to catch up on the news after a trip abroad.

Catch up

Meaning: Reach someone who was ahead of you
Example: Old age and infirmity had begun to catch up with him.

Catch up in

Meaning: Become involved, often against one’s will
Example: We should seize an opportunity, in the catch up in tide of this round of economy.

Catch up on

Meaning: Do something that should have been done earlier
Example: I used Saturday to catch up on my sleep.

Catch up with

Meaning: Do something that should have been done earlier
Example: I ran after her and managed to catch up with her.

Catch up with

Meaning: Learn something new that many people already understand
Example: My mother’s trying to Catch up with computers.

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