Phrasal Verbs With Close

Phrasal verbs starting with Close. A Phrasal verb like Close down, Close in, Close in on, Close in upon, Close off, Close on, Close out, Close up, and more.

Phrasal verbs starting with ‘Close’

Close down

Meaning: Close a shop, branch or business permanently
Example: Save your work and close down any applications that are open.

Close down

Meaning: Stop an opponent being a challenge
Example: His accountant has advised him to close down his business.

Close in

Meaning: Surround, envelop
Example: The score was close in the final match.

Close in

Meaning: Approach, get near
Example: Open a window it’s very close in here.

Close in on

Meaning: Get near someone
Example: Catch the witness lying and close in on the truth!

Close in upon

Meaning: Get near someone
Example: As they are about to close in upon us they are met by a volley.

Close off

Meaning: Block a place to stop people entering
Example: The street was closed off for too many cars.

Close on

Meaning: Get nearer
Example: I think there are close on three million unemployed at present.

Close out

Meaning: Bring something to an end
Example: The vote closed out the three-day debate.

Close out

Meaning: Close or stop using
Example: The store is closing out on Saturday.

Close out

Meaning: Ignore, exclude
Example: He decided to close out his book store.

Close up

Meaning: Completely close something
Example: The sergeant-major ordered the men to close up.

Close up

Meaning: Join together
Example: The captain ordered his men to close up.

Close up

Meaning: Move closer together
Example: The cut took a long time to close up.

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