Phrasal Verbs With Come

Phrasal verbs start with Come. A Phrasal verb like Come about, Come across, Come along, Come apart, Come around, Come around to, Come back, Come before, and more.

Phrasal verbs starting with ‘Come

Come about

Meaning: Happen, occur
Example: I don’t know how this confusion has come about.

Come across

Meaning: Find by accident
Example: I’ve never come across anyone quite like her before.

Come across

Meaning: The way other people see you
Example: These themes come across very strongly in the novel.

Come along

Meaning: Accompany
Example: She invited everyone she knew to come along.

Come along

Meaning: Move faster or keep up
Example: Your French has come along a lot recently.

Come apart

Meaning: Break into pieces
Example: After the first act, the play begins to come apart at the seams.

Come around

Meaning: Recover consciousness
Example: The wind has come around to the north.

Come around to

Meaning: Agree with or accept something you had previously disapproved of or disliked.
Example: The wind has come around to the north.

Come back

Meaning: Return
Example: The pain in her jaw had come back.

Come before

Meaning: Appear in court charged with a crime or offence
Example: The building of homes should come before the building of new office blocks.

Come by

Meaning: Visit
Example: Cheap organic food is still difficult to come by.

Come by

Meaning: Acquire
Example: Summer vacation will come by and by.

Come down

Meaning: Rain
Example: They tried for hours to get her to come down from the roof, but it was no go.

Come down

Meaning: Travel
Example: It’s amazing how much computers have come down in price over the past few years.

Come down on

Meaning: Criticise heavily
Example: The government has come down on the side of military action.

Come down to

Meaning: Amount to, be the most important aspect
Example: I never thought he would come down to begging.

Come down upon

Meaning: Criticise, reprimand severely
Example: They will Come down upon us if we are late.

Come down with

Meaning: Fall ill
Example: Several monitors have come down with heat rash and heat stroke this summer.

Come forth

Meaning: Appear
Example: The sun came forth from behind the cloud.

Come forth with

Meaning: Provide information
Example: None of the witnesses Come forth with an accurate description of the gang.

Come from

Meaning: Country or town where you were born
Example: The girls come from a variety of different backgrounds.

Come in

Meaning: Arrive for flights
Example: I stepped aside so that she might come in.

Come in

Meaning: Place or ranking in a competition, etc.
Example: She had come in quest of advice.

Come in for

Meaning: Receive (criticism or praise)
Example: The plans have already come in for fierce criticism in many quarters of the country.

Come into

Meaning: Be important or relevant
Example: Come into the kitchen while I brew up.

Come into

Meaning: Inherit
Example: The spring flowers have come into bloom.

Come into use

Meaning: Start being used
Example: Computers first came into use in the early 1950s.

Come off

Meaning: When something breaks off
Example: The tail won’t come off the toy plane; it is fixed on with nails.

Come off

Meaning: Be successful
Example: One of the pedals has come off my bicycle.

Come off it

Meaning: I don’t believe what you’re saying; used as an imperative
Example: Come off it! England don’t have a chance of winning the match.

Come on

Meaning: Encouragement
Example: Diseases come on horseback, but go away on foot.

Come on

Meaning: Start an illness
Example: Come on children, stop chatting and settle down please!

Come out

Meaning: A secret is revealed
Example: The novel has just come out in paperback.

Come out

Meaning: Disappear when washed
Example: I am confident that everything will come out right in time.

Come out in

Meaning: Have a rash or similar skin problem
Example: Overnight he had come out in dark red blotches.

Come out of

Meaning: Recover consciousness
Example: The police watched him come out of the house.

Come out with

Meaning: Make something available
Example: First she agreed to come out with me, then she stood me up.

Come out with

Meaning: Say something publicly and unexpectedly
Example: People would go into the store and come out with their arms full.

Come over

Meaning: Feel strange
Example: I hope you can come over again.

Come round

Meaning: Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
Example: All things will come round to him who will but wait.

Come round

Meaning: Change your opinion
Example: The wind has come round to the north.

Come through

Meaning: Arrive
Example: The city had faced racial crisis and come through it.

Come through

Meaning: Communicate an emotion
Example: Come through into the dining area.

Come through with

Meaning: Provide something needed
Example: The insurance company has finally come through with the money.

Come to

Meaning: Become conscious, wake up from anaesthetic
Example: Good things come to those who wait.

Come to

Meaning: Result in
Example: All things come to those who wait

Come up

Meaning: Appear
Example: The essay didn’t come up to his usual standards.

Come up

Meaning: Rise (the sun)
Example: Everything will come up roses.

Come up against

Meaning: Encounter problems or difficulties
Example: If you come up against difficulties, let me know and I’ll help out.

Come up with

Meaning: Think of a solution, excuse, etc.
Example: Never expect him to come up with a brilliant idea.

Come upon

Meaning: Find by chance
Example: I had simply come upon them after they drew in one breath and before they took another.

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