Phrasal Verbs With Count

Phrasal verbs start with Come. A Phrasal verb like Count against, Count among, Count down, Count for, Count in, Count off, Count on, Count out, Count towards, Count up, Count upon, and more.

Phrasal verbs starting with ‘Count’

Count against

Meaning: Affect negatively, make less likely to succeed
Example: The recent political incident will inevitably count against the peace process of the two countries.

Count among

Meaning: Include someone or something in a group, category, etc
Example: I count her among my closest friends.

Count down

Meaning: Wait impatiently or excitedly for something to happen
Example: The people at control have already begun to count down.

Count for

Meaning: Be recognised as important, worthwhile or valuable
Example: Beside yours our contributions count for little.

Count in

Meaning: Include or involve
Example: The final count in last month’s referendum showed 56.7 per cent in favour.

Count off

Meaning: Say numbers aloud in a sequence
Example: The teacher counted off five boys to help them.

Count on

Meaning: Depend, rely
Example: The government thought it could count on the support of the trades unions.

Count on

Meaning: Expect something to happen and base plans on it
Example: I didn’t count on his capsizing the raft.

Count out

Meaning: Exclude
Example: The little girl could only remember her numbers by counting out.

Count out

Meaning: Count a certain amount of money
Example: We have to count out John for tomorrow’s trip.

Count towards

Meaning: Be a part needed to complete something
Example: Marks from this test count towards your final grade.

Count up

Meaning: Add
Example: She can count up to one hundred and backward.

Count upon

Meaning: Expect something to happen and base plans on it
Example: I count upon them to help me.

Count upon

Meaning: Depend, rely
Example: The adopted child can count upon help and friendship from a larger circle than the ordinary child.

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