Phrasal Verbs With Creep

Phrasal verbs start with Creep. A Phrasal verb like Creep in, Creep into, Creep out, Creep out on, Creep over, Creep up on, and more.

Phrasal verbs starting with ‘Creep’

Creep in

Meaning: Start to be noticeable
Example: Mistakes were starting to creep in.

Creep into

Meaning: Become noticeable in something
Example: Some parasites admit their lowly status and creep into the body of their host.

Creep out

Meaning: make someone feel worried or uneasy
Example: At night, he would creep out of the house like a spook.

Creep out on

Meaning: To do the same activity for a very long time
Example: He’s been Creeping out on that computer game all day.

Creep over

Meaning: Start to have a negative feeling
Example: A feeling of tiredness began to creep over her.

Creep up on

Meaning: Approach without someone realising
Example: The exams just seemed to creep up on me.

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