Phrasal Verbs With ‘Draw’

Phrasal verbs start with Draw (Phrasal Verbs With Draw). A Phrasal verb like Draw back, Draw down, Draw even, Draw in, Draw into, Draw on, Draw out, Draw up, Draw upon, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With ‘Draw’

Draw back

Meaning: Retreat, move backwards
Example: The locals seemed to draw back, ever so slightly.

Draw down

Meaning: Reduce levels
Example: Higher production costs will draw down cash gains from rising farm prices.

Draw even

Meaning: Equalize one’s competitive position
Example: Imagine the mosaic of development that might have resulted to serve the visitors and draw even more.

Draw in

Meaning: Get dark earlier
Example: The days draw in and the mornings get darker.

Draw into

Meaning: Get involved in something unpleasant
Example: The train is just drawing into the station; if we hurry, we can catch it.

Draw on

Meaning: Pass slowly (time)
Example: Everyone had two sheets of paper to draw on.

Draw out

Meaning: Make something continue longer than needed
Example: It’s important to draw out a child’s potential capacities.

Draw up

Meaning: Prepare a contract
Example: They agreed to draw up a formal agreement.

Draw upon

Meaning: Exploit or use knowledge, skills or information for a specific purpose or aim
Example: A different vision of the company might draw upon the democratic ideal which inspires the relation of the citizen to the state.

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