Phrasal Verbs With ‘Drop’

Phrasal verbs start with Drop (Phrasal Verbs With Drop). A Phrasal verb like Drop around, Drop away, Drop back, Drop behind, Drop by, Drop in, Drop off, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Drop

Drop around

Meaning: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement
Example: Drop around one evening next week.

Drop away

Meaning: Become smaller- amount, numbers
Example: The ground dropped away sheer at our feet.

Drop back

Meaning: Move towards the back of a group
Example: I drop back soundlessly, my lips slackened.

Drop behind

Meaning: Move towards the back, not keep up
Example: The sun dropped behind the hilltop.

Drop by

Meaning: Pay a brief visit
Example: Drop by drop the oceans are filled; stone by stone the walls are built.

Drop in

Meaning: Visit without having made arrangements
Example: The restaurant has suffered a big drop in trade.

Drop off

Meaning: Take something or someone to a place and leave it or them there.
Example: The membership of the club began to drop off.

Drop out

Meaning: Quit a course
Example: Teenagers who drop out of high school have trouble finding jobs.

Drop over

Meaning: Visit for a short time
Example: Drop over to our house for a visit sometime.

Drop round

Meaning: Visit someone, often without making an arrangement
Example: The kids drop round and see her from time to time.

Drop someone in it

Meaning: Get someone into trouble
Example: I really dropped him in it when I told them what he’d done.

Drop through

Meaning: Come to nothing, produce no results
Example: The chairman’s suggestion dropped through the meeting.

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