Phrasal Verbs With Fall -

15+ Phrasal Verbs With Fall

Phrasal verbs start with Fall (Phrasal Verbs With Fall). A Phrasal verb like Fall about, Fall apart, Fall back, Fall back on, Fall behind, Fall down, Fall for, Fall in, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Fall

Fall about

Meaning: Laugh a lot
Example: The boy fell about another boy’s ears,it made us all surprised.

Fall apart

Meaning: Break into pieces
Example: Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things.

Fall back

Meaning: Retreat
Example: Doctors sometimes fall back on old cures.

Fall back on

Meaning: Be able to use in an emergency
Example: When the business failed, we had to fall back on our savings.

Fall behind

Meaning: Make less progress
Example: Contractors who fall behind schedule incur heavy financial penalties.

Fall down

Meaning: Fall on the ground
Example: The roof started to fall down and they started to run for it.

Fall for

Meaning: Be attracted to somebody, fall in love
Example: He must have been pretty gullible to fall for that old trick.

Fall in

Meaning: Collapse
Example: I heel over head fall in love with you.

Fall into

Meaning: Start doing something unplanned
Example: If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Fall off

Meaning: Decrease
Example: One slip and you could fall off the cliff.

Fall out

Meaning: Argue and be on bad terms with someone
Example: When rogues (or thieves) fall out, honest men come by their own.

Fall over

Meaning: Fall on the ground
Example: Mind you don’t fall over the boxes.

Fall through

Meaning: Be unsuccessful
Example: Still, some children fall through the cracks.

Fall under

Meaning: Become controlled
Example: Left of reach unfortunately, fall under our memories.

Phrasal Verbs With Fall -

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