Phrasal Verbs With ‘Get’

Phrasal verbs start with Get (Phrasal Verbs With Get). A Phrasal verb like Get about, Get above, Get across, Get across to, Get after, Get ahead, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Get

Get about

Meaning: Visit many places
Example: Nowadays people get about much more than they used to.

Get about

Meaning: Become known
Example: I don’t really want this to get about.

Get about

Meaning: Walk or visit places
Example: The nature of his business enables him to get about the world a good deal.

Get above

Meaning: Behave as if you are better or more important than others
Example: The plane climbed to 11,600 feet to try to get above the clouds.

Get across

Meaning: Communicate successfully
Example: The bridge was destroyed, so we couldn’t get across.

Get across

Meaning: Move something from one side to the other
Example: The lights changed to red before I could get across.

Get across to

Meaning: Be convincing or make a good impression
Example: It’s difficult to get across to those who didn’t know him just how outlandish this idea seemed.

Get after

Meaning: Nag or exhort someone
Example: Mother gets after me to wash my own clothes.

Get ahead

Meaning: Progress
Example: If only our horse can get ahead of the leading runner,it can win the race.

Get ahead of

Meaning: Move in front of
Example: Let’s cut through the woods and get ahead of them.

Get along

Meaning: Have a good relationship
Example: I don’t really get along with my sister’s husband.

Get along

Meaning: Leave
Example: We don’t get along anymore.

Get along in

Meaning: Progress
Example: How did you get along in your driving test?

Get along with

Meaning: Have a good relationship with someone
Example: I don’t really get along with my sister’s husband.

Get along with

Meaning: Deal with, handle
Example: It’s impossible to get along with him.

Get around

Meaning: Become known
Example: They didn’t get around to typing up the letter.

Get around

Meaning: Visit many different places
Example: He got the doctor’ s permission to get around recently.

Get around to

Meaning: Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something
Example: I hope to get around to answering your letter next week.

Get at

Meaning: Criticise
Example: Don’t leave the bottle where he can get at it.

Get at

Meaning: Mean
Example: The doctor opened up his stomach to get at the source of the trouble.

Get away

Meaning: Escape
Example: Get away from me-your breath stinks.

Get away

Meaning: Go on holiday or for a short break
Example: We walked to the next beach to get away from the crowds.

Get away from

Meaning: Go somewhere different or do something different
Example: They managed to get away from the coast undetected.

Get away from

Meaning: Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion
Example: She struggled to get away from her attacker.

Get away with

Meaning: Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong
Example: The amazing thing is, he really believes he’ll get away with it.

Get away with

Meaning: Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly
Example: Don’t think you can get away with telling lies.

Get away!

Meaning: An expression of disbelief
Example: The amazing thing is, he really believes he’ll get away with it.

Get back

Meaning: Return
Example: She’d ring around and get back to me.

Get back at

Meaning: Take revenge
Example: I think he’s trying to get back at her for those remarks she made in the meeting.

Get back into

Meaning: Start doing something after stopping for some time
Example: Everyone understood how hard it was to get back into the swing of things after such a long absence.

Get back to

Meaning: Respond to a contact
Example: Could you get back to the place where you witnessed the crime?

Get back together

Meaning: Restart a relationship
Example: I hope Jim and I can get back together and make a fresh start .

Get behind

Meaning: Support
Example: If you get behind with the rent, you will be asked to leave.

Get behind with

Meaning: Be late paying instalments for something.
Example: I don’t want to get behind with my work.

Get by

Meaning: Have just enough money to live on
Example: The crowd moved aside to let the leaders get by.

Get by

Meaning: Not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)
Example: Your work will get by, but try to improve it.

Get by on

Meaning: Manage on a certain amount of money
Example: Sometimes they had to get by on very little.

Get by with

Meaning: Have enough of something to do the job
Example: Mary can get by with her old coat this winter.

Get down

Meaning: Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
Example: Stop larking about and get down to the problem.

Get down

Meaning: Write, record
Example: I really must get down to some study.

Get down on

Meaning: Criticise
Example: You’ll have to get down on all fours to clean behind the toilet.

Get down to

Meaning: Start working seriously
Example: Stop larking about and get down to the problem.

Get in

Meaning: Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc
Example: The devil may get in by the keyhole, but the door won’t let him out.

Get in

Meaning: Arrive (train, plane, etc.)
Example: Don’t throw out your dirty water before you get in fresh.

Get in on

Meaning: Become involved
Example: Alice is always wanting to get in on the act.

Get in with

Meaning: Become friendly with, ingratiate with
Example: He always tries to get in with the most influential people.

Get into

Meaning: Become involved or interested
Example: She cited three reasons why people get into debt.

Get into

Meaning: Become involved in something bad or criminal
Example: They queued to get into the cinema.

Get it

Meaning: Be punished or scolded
Example: We turned the table sideways to get it into the room.

Get it off

Meaning: Have sex
Example: Tell me about it, get it off your chest.

Get it off with

Meaning: Have sex with
Example: She got it off with her friend’s husband.

Get it on

Meaning: Become interested or excited
Example: Be careful, though, not to get it on eyelashes.

Get it on

Meaning: Have sex
Example: The point was to get it on, and never mind the fusses and frills.

Get it on with

Meaning: Have sex with
Example: The problem is – it kinda looks like he is trying to get it on with him!

Get it together

Meaning: Control things in your life to achieve your aims
Example: The government can’t seem to get it together on the environment.

Get it up

Meaning: Become aroused (of a man)
Example: She won’t be able to get it up on her own anyway.

Get off

Meaning: Escape punishment
Example: That roof is dangerous, do get off.

Get off

Meaning: Leave a bus, train, etc.
Example: I want to get off at the next station.

Get off it

Meaning: A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they’re wrong or have an incorrect opinion
Example: I knew he was lying so I told him to get off it.

Get off on

Meaning: Enjoy a drug
Example: Some people get off on brutalizing others, and passivity makes you a target.

Get off on

Meaning: Become excited by
Example: I’m an exhibitionist, and I get off on the entertainment we give people.

Get off with

Meaning: Have casual sex with
Example: She spent the whole evening trying to get off with Phil.

Get off!

Meaning: Don’t touch, leave alone
Example: If he bothers you, just tell him where to get off.

Get on

Meaning: Continue doing something
Example: The people shoved to get on the bus.

Get on

Meaning: Make progress, deal with something with a reasonable degree of success
Example: Stop playing around and get on with the job.

Get on

Meaning: Have a good relationship
Example: You might get on better with your parents if you showed them some courtesy.

Get on at

Meaning: Criticise unfairly
Example: They don’t get on at all well together/with one another.

Get on for

Meaning: Be near a time
Example: I’ve been trying to give up smoking for getting on for two years now.

Get on to

Meaning: Start to suspect
Example: Did you remember to get on to the plumber about the shower?

Get on with

Meaning: Have a good relationship
Example: Be positive about your future and get on with living a normal life.

Get onto

Meaning: Start discussing a topic
Example: Right, I’ll get onto it straight away.

Get onto

Meaning: Be elected, appointed
Example: How did you get onto the subject?

Get out

Meaning: Leave the house to visit place and socialise
Example: If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Get out

Meaning: Become known when people want it to remain secret
Example: If you won’t keep quiet you can get out!

Get out

Meaning: Leave a place, escape
Example: Get out of my face.

Get out of

Meaning: Avoid doing something you dislike
Example: He was eager to get out of the ruck and distinguish himself in some way.

Get out of

Meaning: Leave a car, van, etc.
Example: Get out of my way or I’ll ride you down!

Get out!

Meaning: Expression of disbelief
Example: Let’s get out of here, huh?

Get over

Meaning: Recover from something, feel better
Example: I can’t get over losing you.

Get over

Meaning: Communicate, make people understand
Example: It’s taken me ages to get over the flu.

Get over

Meaning: Come somewhere
Example: To get over you is the hardest thing in the world.

Get over with

Meaning: Do something unpleasant that has to be done rather than delaying it any more
Example: I got the test over with rather than have to worry about it any longer.

Get round

Meaning: Become known
Example: Let’s get round to the back of the house.

Get round

Meaning: Find a solution
Example: She knows how to get round her dad.

Get round (around) to

Meaning: Finally manage to do something
Example: I couldn’t get round to ringing until now.

Get through

Meaning: Contact
Example: The news finally get through to us.

Get through to

Meaning: Make someone understand
Example: I couldn’t seem to get through to her.

Get to

Meaning: Annoy, irritate
Example: Don’t cross the bridge till you get to it.

Get to

Meaning: Arrive
Example: Stop waffling and get to the point.

Get together

Meaning: Meet socially
Example: Every week they get together to make music.

Get up

Meaning: Get out of bed
Example: If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

Get up

Meaning: Organise
Example: Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up.

Get up to

Meaning: Do something wrong or naughty
Example: They get up to all sorts behind your back.

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