Phrasal Verbs With ‘Grind’

Phrasal verbs start with Grind (Phrasal Verbs With Grind). A Phrasal verb like Grind away, Grind down, Grind into, Grind on, Grind out, Grind up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Grind

Grind away

Meaning: Keep working at something
Example: This old mill has been grinding away for over 50 years.

Grind down

Meaning: Reduce or destroy someone’s enthusiasm
Example: Mother usually grinds down the food for the baby.

Grind into

Meaning: Press or twist something hard into something else
Example: Then grind into suitable angles on grinding wheel and install and screw down on the transducer.

Grind on

Meaning: Proceed relentlessly
Example: As the negotiations grind on, time is passing towards the deadline.

Grind on

Meaning: Talk endlessly
Example: He was still grinding on about football when we left.

Grind out

Meaning: Produce something with great difficulty
Example: I wish they would stop grinding out the same old propaganda.

Grind up

Meaning: Reduce to small pieces
Example: Will you grind up a pound and a half of lean round steak for me?

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