Phrasal Verbs With ‘Hang’

Phrasal verbs start with Hang (Phrasal Verbs With Hang). A Phrasal verb like Hang about, Hang around, Hang back, Hang in there, Hang it up, Hang on, Hang up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Hang

Hang about

Meaning: Spend time somewhere not doing much
Example: You may hang about here when I send down these vegetables.

Hang about!

Meaning: Stop what you’re doing and pay attention to me
Example: Hang about! There’s something not quite right here.

Hang around

Meaning: Stay in a place
Example: Many of the town’s dropouts hang around the square.

Hang back

Meaning: Not move forwards to avoid doing something
Example: Even his closest advisers believe he should hang back no longer.

Hang back from

Meaning: Delay or avoid doing something
Example: I hang back from any group activities.

Hang in there

Meaning: Persevere, not give up
Example: Hang in there and you never know what you might achieve.

Hang it up

Meaning: Retire, quit
Example: Hang it up in a wardrobe, lay it flat on a spare bed or roll it very loosely.

Hang on

Meaning: Wait
Example: Hang on!I’ll be back in a couple of shakes!

Hang on

Meaning: Hold tightly
Example: He managed to hang on to a piece of rock protruding from the cliff face.

Hang onto

Meaning: Keep
Example: The company has been struggling to hang onto its sales force.

Hang out

Meaning: Spend time socially
Example: I have got one or two shirts to hang out.

Hang out for

Meaning: Wait or refuse to do something until you get what you want
Example: I like the fact that you can come here to hang out for a few hours and nobody will bother you.

Hang over

Meaning: Worry or trouble
Example: The clouds of war hang over the east.

Hang together

Meaning: Work together when things are difficult
Example: Their accounts of what happened don’t hang together.

Hang up

Meaning: End a phone call
Example: Hang up one’s fiddle when one comes home.

Hang up on

Meaning: End a phone call with someone
Example: When we talk on the phone, she may hang up on me.

Hang with

Meaning: Spend time with
Example: If you hang with a straw rope like that, you might fall down and die before you get enlightenment.

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