Phrasal Verbs With ‘Hit’

Phrasal verbs start with Hit (Phrasal Verbs With Hit). A Phrasal verb like Hit back, Hit for, Hit it off, Hit on, Hit up, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Hit

Hit back

Meaning: Attack or criticise
Example: The actress hit back at claims that she had threatened a member of staff.

Hit for

Meaning: Get someone to pay or donate money
Example: The staff here can pinch hit for each other when the hotel is busy.

Hit it off

Meaning: Have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person
Example: These children hit it off well in the kindergarten.

Hit it off with

Meaning: Like someone from the first time you meet them
Example: These foreign students hit it off with the natives.

Hit on

Meaning: Have an idea
Example: After some thought he hit on a plan to route the enemy.

Hit on

Meaning: Talk to someone to try to attract them sexually
Example: The bomber scored a direct hit on the bridge.

Hit on

Meaning: Ask for money
Example: Only once did we hit on a question which foxed one of the experts.

Hit out at

Meaning: Respond angrily to criticism
Example: I used to hit out at my husband and throw things at him.

Hit up

Meaning: Inject drugs
Example: Then hit up the Hamptons and spend a day in Venice.

Hit up

Meaning: Ask someone for some money
Example: We hit up Miami in hopes of finding something nice like we always do.

Hit up on

Meaning: Inject drugs
Example: He’s been hitting up on heroin for years.

Hit upon

Meaning: Have an idea
Example: Robert has hit upon an idea that will get us out of our difficulty.

Hit upon

Meaning: Try to attract someone sexually
Example: George hit upon the idea of buying a few baseball cards.

Hit with

Meaning: Surprise someone with some information or news
Example: The programme scored a real hit with the public.

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