Phrasal Verbs With ‘Hold’

Phrasal verbs start with Hold (Phrasal Verbs With Hold). A Phrasal verb like Hold against, Hold back, Hold back from, Hold down, Hold forth, Hold off, and more.

Phrasal Verbs With Hold

Hold against

Meaning: Have a grudge against someone, or little respect
Example: We mustn’t hold against him that he has been in prison.

Hold back

Meaning: Not show emotion
Example: The boss couldn’t hold back his anger any longer.

Hold back

Meaning: Prevent something moving forwards or progressing
Example: The police were unable to hold back the crowd.

Hold back

Meaning: Not disclose information or make it public
Example: Hold natural and graceful, don’t hold back before the guests.

Hold back from

Meaning: Not allow yourself to do something
Example: Hold back from the street, two vases, all-day blue.

Hold down

Meaning: Keep a job
Example: Despite her handicap, Jane is able to hold down a full-time job.

Hold down

Meaning: Stop someone or something from moving
Example: We must hold down the tents because of the strong wind.

Hold forth

Meaning: State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly
Example: After a few drinks, he would hold forth for hours on government conspiracy theories.

Hold off

Meaning: When bad weather doesn’t appear
Example: Hold off making your decision until Monday.

Hold off

Meaning: Stop someone from attacking or beating you
Example: The football match had to hold off for about half an hour because of a driving rain.

Hold off

Meaning: Delay, postpone
Example: The board of directors will hold off making a decision until next Wednesday.

Hold off on

Meaning: Delay
Example: Bosses hold off on pay COMPANY bosses are leading by example on pay restraint.

Hold on

Meaning: Wait
Example: Love makes you hold on to things you wouldn’t have been able to.

Hold on

Meaning: To hold tightly
Example: I feel a bit tired. However, I can hold on.

Hold on to

Meaning: Hold tightly
Example: Everybody can fly without wings when they hold on to their dreams.

Hold onto

Meaning: Keep as long as possible
Example: He was struggling to hold onto a rock on the face of the cliff.

Hold onto

Meaning: Hold tightly
Example: If this sounds familiar, then hold onto your pocket book before doing any major spending.

Hold out

Meaning: Resist
Example: Hold out your hands with your palms facing downwards.

Hold out

Meaning: Hold in front of you
Example: He tried to hold out for higher paying by rejecting signature to the contract.

Hold out against

Meaning: Try to reject
Example: If you just try to defend and hold out against them, it wears you down.

Hold out for

Meaning: Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future
Example: This old machine will hold out for another 20 years.

Hold out on

Meaning: Not pay someone or give them information
Example: She never hold out on the lure of money to do something they wanted.

Hold over

Meaning: Delay
Example: He has a tremendous hold over his younger brother.

Hold over

Meaning: To continue something for longer than planned
Example: The author has a considerable hold over the reading public.

Hold to

Meaning: Oblige or force someone to carry out an obligation
Example: He admitted he did not hold to the traditional view of God.

Hold together

Meaning: Not break up
Example: The coalition will never hold together for six months.

Hold up

Meaning: Delay when travelling
Example: Continuing violence could hold up progress towards reform.

Hold up

Meaning: Rob with violence or threats thereof
Example: I’m looking for a doings to hold up a curtain rail that’s fallen down.

Hold with

Meaning: Accept (usually negative)
Example: They don’t hold with letting children watch as much TV as they want.

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